#1 You have no boundaries or they are wishy washy.

What are your limits? What behaviors will you not tolerate? A toxic person smells for what they can get away with and pray on people who don’t have boundaries. Those who have weak or no boundaries are easily manipulated or persuaded into being distracted while being taken advantage of. Do you know how to set clear boundaries? 

#2 You have a loyalty mat at your front door.

Do you set boundaries or allow others to use you like a doormat? A toxic person needs to surround themselves with people they can count on. Even if this person has three strikes, do you let them back in? Or do you say, no! That’s enough! I do not accept this! I call you out on your bullsh*t!

#3 You have an unhealed guilt or shame button.

A toxic person will use your hurt against you. When you don’t see things their way, they will use that unhealed guilt and shame to get you to see things their way. Heal you and you’ll have no buttons to be used against you. 

#4 You are looking for love but have no love for you.

A toxic person wants to surround themselves with great people because it makes them look great too! It may look like they see you as wonderful, but in the end their jealousy will show you no love.

Love you and love finds you. 

Honor YOU to be happy, healthy, prosperous, and aligned. Heal so you can step into being the change maker we need!