While they say that life begins at 40, it is also the perfect time to begin taking care of your health. Over the past four decades, you might have considered yourself to be indestructible but as we get older, we need to take greater care of our health. A 40, you are not considered aged but you are considered to be entering middle age and this is the time when health problems can begin to appear.

At this point in life, you are no longer the young person that you once were. Degenerative health conditions can become apparent, our metabolism begins to slow down and issues such as diabetes, obesity and even high blood pressure can present themselves at any time. So, if you want to continue to feel and look as young as possible, then now is the time to book a full medical check-up.

A simple health screening will identify your current health condition and it will identify any underlying issues, risk factors of chronic diseases or potential problems that can be dealt with now before they become a significant problem. We only get one chance at life and that is why it is crucial that now, at the age of 40, you take full responsibility for your health.

The saying that prevention is better than cure is true when it comes to our health. Therefore, a full medical check-up should be seen as a preventative measure and a way of providing you with peace of mind. If you choose to undergo a full medical check-up, you will go through a series of examinations as well as physical and laboratory tests. Once the results have been determined and analysed, they will then be interpreted by a specialist where they will then be able to provide you with detailed information, medical advice and the right treatment where necessary.

As we get older, we become susceptible to serious conditions that can cause significant problems, including:

Blood Pressure – Blood pressure and heart disease is a serious concern and is still the number one killer. If you have high blood pressure then this could indicate that you have an underlying issue with the heart.

Cholesterol – Cholesterol is a serious concern and will result in arteries being blocked, leading to health issues such as a heart attack, which can prove fatal. If you suffer from high cholesterol then a change of diet and the correct medication can bring this under control.

Diabetes – This is a condition that has become an increasing concern for health specialists. A blood sugar test will help to identify the early signs of diabetes or confirm that it is apparent, whereby the correct medication and treatment can be administered.

Osteoporosis – As we get older, our bones can become weaker. This means that bone formation decreases as well as the metabolism of calcium. This is a condition that develops slowly and is often indicated when a minor fall causes a bone fracture. However, if it is detected early as part of health screening then it can be treated accordingly.

Cancer – This is fast becoming one of the biggest threats to our health. There are many different forms of cancer and all come with a range of severities and symptoms but as medical advances are being made in the treatments available, a health screening can detect cancer or the risk factors associated with it. Early detection can significantly increase the chances of surviving the disease.  A medical check-up can test for a range of cancers including colon, skin, lung and many other forms of cancer.

As women get older, it is advised that they are tested for breast cancer and so, a mammogram can help to detect the early signs of cancer.

Pelvic Exam and Pap Test – These exams will consider the health of reproductive organs and detect any signs of cancer as well as other potential health problems.

Health screening can differ from one person to the next depending on their overall health and the reason for the medical. However, your GP or specialist will be able to advise you on the correct type of health screening based on your specific circumstances.

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