So, I drove into a neighbourhood carwash to give my car a good bath. 

While my car was having the time of its life, I quickly moved to a nearby bar to have mine. 

The sun was scorching like hell – Obviously, it forgot its primary duty was to provide light and not to roast those underneath!! 

This was the time where a cold bottle of coke would taste like the best drink ever. 

So, I inevitably requested for a chilled bottle of Coke, and it was served as quickly as it was requested. 

I was about to have “my own time” when two men walked in and sat right behind me. They were very close to me, so I could hear their conversation loud and clear. 

While I was going about my business, a conversation ensued between both men. 

Man 1: Do you take booze? I could order a bottle for you to cool off. 

Man 2: *Laughs* You know I don’t take booze, I only take soft drinks. 

Man 1: Oh, Great! Let the lady give you a cold bottle of malt then. 

Man 2: *Giggles* Thank you sir, but I’ll prefer you give me the money instead, it’ll really go a long way to help me solve Certain issues I have on ground. 

At this point, I had to stylishly turned back to get a better view of “Man 2”, I just didn’t expect to hear such words at that moment. 

I was really baffled. You mean someone turned down a chilled bottle of malt in this hot and sunny afternoon? 

The bottle of Malt Cost just N200($1), but “Man 2” preferred to have the cash handed to him instead of quenching his taste. 

The amount was insignificant to me, but I guess it meant alot to him from his response. 

He probably remembered other very important things this money could solve, and realized he had to sacrifice few minutes of self pleasure to fulfill a greater cause. 

His response hit me hard, and I took so many lessons from this very experience. 

But there is one very important lesson it reminded me of;


How much are you willing to sacrifice to get what you really want? 

How much can you ignore just to make sure that goal is achieved?

Can you sacrifice that short term pleasure for that long term goal? 

Would you quench your taste with the bottle of malt, or take the cash to pursue a greater cause?