Life is a very important thing that happens to everyone. And life teaches you many lessons. Even if there are some things that you learn the hard way. Every decision that you make will change your life even if it changes your life in a very small way, but, it will change your life. Life has taught me countless lessons. And these lessons have made me who I am today. Life has made me fall so many times that even if I fall again, it will not hurt as much.

49 things that life taught me

  1. Don’t love everyone because you will not always get your love.
  2. Don’t trust everyone because trust is like a crumpled paper it will never be the same after being broken
  3. Nothing happens in life the way you want it to happen
  4. You will only know whether you love someone or not when you lose them.
  5. Setting high expectations will not help because sometimes even in your dreams those expectations will not be met.
  6. You will be thankful for the people that came in your lives. Even if those people have mistreated but, you will still be thankful for them because these people are the ones that made you who you are today. They made you stronger.
  7. No one’s life is perfect.
  8. Be thankful for the things that you have because somewhere around the world there are people dying who would do anything to have the things that you have,
  9. Don’t complain because there are other people in the world who have a bigger problem then you do.
  10. There will always be hypocrites. Stay quiet and when the right time comes roar really loud so that they can hear you and they will be scared of you.
  11. Enjoy life because one day when you get really old you will wish that you would have enjoyed life when you had the chance.
  12. Ignore the people that will make you second guess yourself because these are the people that will make you doubt yourself.
  13. Live your life the way you want to. Don’t think too much about others.
  14. There will always be people who will spread rumors about you. Learn how to shut the mouths of these people.
  15. Make memories because these are the only things that you will have with people once they leave you.
  16. Don’t forget about old friends. Even if you think that they forgot you, but, they haven’t.
  17. Let people yell at you because if you yell back at them it will be a waste of your time and energy. Let them find out what you are capable of and once they find that out, they won’t even know how to talk to you.
  18. Don’t get angry about everything.
  19. You will make mistakes learn how to learn from them and stop regretting them because it’s not like you can go back and change it.
  20. You will always wish that you made a different decision or did something different. And this would have changed your life. I think about this everyday what if I did something different, I would have a better or worse life.
  21. Don’t let others make decisions for you because these people will make decisions that will make them happy and not you.
  22. Don’t give so much love and respect for someone who doesn’t deserve your love or your respect.
  23. Looking back at life is a waste of time. Always look forward and not backward.
  24. There will always be people who will judge you based on what you did in the past.
  25. Never judge a book by its cover. People might seem hard on the outside but they are really soft on the inside (vice-versa). You don’t know the things that they suffered through, therefore, don’t judge them.
  26. There will always be people who will love you for what you have and not for what you are capable of.
  27. If you love someone, then don’t love someone because of there looks love them for their heart. Looks will change but, their heart won’t
  28. Having a crush on someone is completely different than loving that person.
  29. Just because you are attracted to someone doesn’t mean that you love them.
  30. Think twice before you make a decision. Because even the smallest decision will impact your life.
  31. Try to do new things in life because this is the only way that you will learn.
  32. There will always be a first time for everything. So don’t be afraid to do anything because it’s the first time that you are doing it.
  33. Don’t leave your life based on how others live their lives. Everyone has their own problems and each and every one of us does different things to face these problems.
  34. Everyone has their own problems you might just not know about them.
  35. Never leave a problem unattended because the next time that you face it the problem will have only gotten bigger. You will have to face the problem one day or the other.
  36. Don’t wait for things to happen. Because nothing will happen when you are waiting. Do something.
  37. Don’t give advice to others that you won’t follow yourself.
  38. It is easier said than done. Don’t tell people that you are going to do it, first do it and then show it.
  39. Certain circumstances will make you do things that you wouldn’t have done otherwise.
  40. You will always wish that life was a little better.
  41. Love is selfish. You will do something for your love that might be considered selfish.
  42. Some problems that you face will only make you stronger and more mature.
  43. Don’t forget to smile and be happy.
  44. Don’t give up no the smallest thing. If it doesn’t work your way then next time learn how to make it work your way.
  45. Life will not wait for you to make the decisions it will just happen and you won’t even know how to face these problems.
  46. No matter what life throws at you, learn how to fight it.
  47. Life will never work your way, it will work the way that it wants to and it will not wait for you to catch up to it.
  48. Don’t change yourself because of others be the person that you want to be.
  49. Don’t try to be so dependent on someone that you don’t even know the worth of yourself.

Lots of love,

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