A baby doesn’t come with a manual, hence a new mom will have a lot of things to learn and do to master this new job. Becoming a parent is the most wonderful thing in the world, but also the most challenging and demanding. Most people who come to visit the new baby tend to neglect the mom, however, it’s the new mom who should get the most support, help, and acts of kindness so she would know how appreciated, loved, and important she is. New moms will certainly need a lot of help with the newborn in the first weeks of its life, so here are some of the best ways you can assist her and at the same time not get in the way

1. Prepare her a meal

If you want to cheer someone up nothing beats a hot soup or freshly baked cookies. A mom who has just arrived from the hospital with a needy baby doesn’t have time or energy to stand next to a stove and cook. It would be one of the kindest things you could do to make a lunch or dinner. What’s more, you could bring a homemade meal or even order a take-out, as long as she doesn’t have to worry about food for a few days. Don’t ask about her preferences as she probably won’t have time to text, just make sure that the food is not too spicy if she is breastfeeding.

2. Bring her a surprise gift

A new mom must have been so overwhelmed with baby-preparation things that she could have forgotten to buy essential baby clothes. A simple but very helpful deed would be to bring her a surprise gift that she has forgotten to get like chic muslin swaddles, an interesting milestone set, or a cozy organic blanket. Don’t forget to bring something for the mommy as well to cheer her up. A fluffy robe, quality chocolate, or comfy pyjama pants will be an ideal gift at this moment.

3. Help her out with chores

Doing small things instead of her would serve a great deal because the new mom is solely focused on her newborn. Ask if she needs anything from the grocery store, help pick anything up from the town, bring a bag of healthy snacks or just help her around with house chores. Clear out the tale, fill out her pantry, bring the dishes out of the dishwasher, unload the dryer, or even do some quick ironing. These things are not hard to do, but for a new mom helping her with some chores will mean a world.

4. Watch the baby while she takes a nap

A new mom will be absolutely drained in the first weeks, so instead of asking what you could do to help simply pop up and be there to babysit while she is taking a nap. Even if she doesn’t feel like sleeping, force her to take a nap as she would need to get the energy up in order to survive the night with a crying baby. If you are close to her, she would have full trust and you could simply come when she has fed the baby and help take care of the newborn while she rests her eyes and recuperates.

5. Hire a postpartum doula

Postpartum doulas are a type of professional and trained experts that specialize in caring for women and babies after birth. No matter if this is her first or second pregnancy, the postpartum period can be utterly tough, and most moms struggle to cope with the situation and are in need of extra support. Hiring a postpartum doula for a night or two would be one of the kindest things you could do because she would get the hand-in approach of how to bathe, dress, or handle the baby. Plus, a doula could help her with any physical or mental pain she might be experiencing.

Don’t overburden her with loads of advice, and don’ pinpoint the things that she is doing rightly or not, just being by her side, supporting her with words of kindness will help her get back on her feet. Use up the above-mentioned acts of kindness to help the new mom so she could concentrate only on her new baby.