Let’s face it—mom life is hard y’all!

Do you ever find yourself listening to your kids, wondering if you’re going to survive the day? Or have you ever spent a little extra time in the bathroom just to have a few moments to yourself? That is totally okay! I used to do this myself (and sometimes still do), but I found an amazing tool that helps me cope with the daily stresses mom life can bring.


Affirmations are simple, positive statements that provide encouragement and support when said either out loud or to yourself. The nice thing about affirmations is the more you use them, the better they work. A quick Google search will turn up countless affirmations in many categories which means it’s easy to find some that will work for you.

Before using affirmations, I felt like I was struggling to be present throughout the day. Once I started using affirmations, the days became easier. Affirmations helped me to live a more extraordinary life.

Today, I’d like to share with you my five favorite affirmations that help me be the best mom I can be every day.

I am enough.

I am happy, I am whole, I am ok.

I am calm.

I am perfectly imperfect.

I receive prosperity easily.

I am enough

As a mom, I am often very hard on myself. I find myself saying things like, “you didn’t handle that very well” or “I should have done that differently”. The truth is, I do the best I can every day and I’m sure you do to. We all need to give ourselves a break, and that is why I like the affirmation, “I am enough”.

Use this affirmation when you find yourself being hard on yourself. Being hard on yourself is only going to make you feel worse. By remembering that you are enough, you will appreciate everything you do every day and so will your children and your spouse.

I am happy, I am whole, I am ok

Having a down day is perfectly normal. There was a time in my life when I felt depressed, but I realized I needed to snap out of it so I could be a better mom for my son. Reminding myself that “I am happy, I am whole, and I am ok,” is one way I like to stay positive.

Using this affirmation helps me take my down day and turn it around. It reminds me that I have so much to be happy for and it always makes me feel better.

I am calm

I love using this affirmation when my son is driving me crazy. I used to be a mom that yelled a lot and that didn’t make me feel very good. Reminding myself that I am calm helps me to remain that way even when my son is pushing all my buttons. Sometimes I have to repeat it over and over and over, but it always works.

I am perfectly imperfect

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as perfect but we can all be perfectly imperfect which is really the perfect version of ourselves. I love using this affirmation to make light of my mistakes, because we all make mistakes from time to time and that’s what makes us human.

This affirmation is a great way to embrace those little imperfections in a positive way rather than focusing on them so much that we blow them out of proportion and end up being hard on ourselves.

I receive prosperity easily

Many parents struggle with finances, especially when their children are young. Often one of the parents has given up some or all of their income to stay home with the kids, and this can put a strain on finances. I love to use the affirmation, “I receive prosperity easily” when I’m feeling stressed out about money.

The thing about the universe is that everything is energy and if we give our feeling of a lack of money energy, we will attract more lack and less money. Focusing on prosperity turns this around. Prosperity can come from anywhere, not just a job, so reminding yourself that you receive prosperity easily will help you attract prosperity and feel more relaxed about your finances.

One of the keys to using affirmations is to make them a regular practice. I hope you will take any of these affirmations that resonated with you and incorporate them into your daily practice so you can be the best mom you can be. Let me know in the comments which affirmations resonate with you the most.