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Divorce is one of the toughest things you might have to go through. The drastic change to your lifestyle can cause you to be stressed, isolated and feel unmotivated. However, just like every mental hurdle we go through on a daily basis, it’s comforting to know that — there’s probably an app for that.

These mental health apps can help kickstart your new year and get you back on track after your divorce. Whether you’ve been divorced for a long time or need a fresh start to your new year following a recent break-up, check out these 5 free mood-boosting apps.

Waking Up With Sam Harris

This meditation app guides you through a 50-day introductory course and is led by philosopher and neuroscientist, Sam Harris. What’s great about this app is its fit for beginners and experienced meditators alike. Benefits of mindful meditation include decreased stress levels, decrease in anxiety, longer attention span and can even be used to control anxiety. Meditation promotes emotional health and can help balance out your daily stresses. Apps such as Waking up with Sam Harris are perfect for people who need a little guidance to kickstart their meditation.

Quit That!

This habit tracker is perfect not only for that new year resolution, but it really can help combat certain habits following a divorce. Quit That! Is a free app that tracks all the things you are trying to quit. Whether you want to stop smoking, drinking or something as specific as checking your ex’s facebook page — this app can track it all! The interface is ad-free, very user-friendly and allows you to make notes on everything you plan to quit.


Need a happy fix? Look no further than this free mood-boosting app. Happify offers various brain engaging games and activities to get your brain flowing and energy swiftly boosted. If you’re feeling down after a divorce, this app might give you a chance to release some negativity. If you’re struggling with everyday hurdles, these science-based activities might just be able to pull you out of your funk and get you in the right mindset.


Stigma is a mental health “social” support network that connects the mind, body and soul. This journal app uses a cloud technology to pull words that you use the most when you’re writing and allows you to reflect on your “go-to” emotions. You also have the ability to share your journal writing with others on the network. The app allows you to control your daily moods on a color-coded calendar and can help you better reflect on each day as you move forward in your life after a divorce.

My Fitness Pal

Whether you need to lose or gain weight following your divorce, it’s important to keep your diet balanced. My Fitness Pal tracks what you eat everyday and can lead you to developing healthier eating patterns by keeping you accountable for your daily intake. This free app does more than just count your carb and calorie intake, it allows you to track goals and change habits — two very important things to keep in mind following a divorce.

If you can dream it, you can bet there’s probably an app for it! In a world consumed by media and technology, it’s comforting to know that there are benefits to being on your phone. Reaching goals and finding a better part of yourself should always be a priority following a divorce. These free apps can hopefully get you on the right track and boost your mood. Happy new year, new you!


  • Alana studied business and media at the University of California San Diego. In college, she spent time exploring relationship dynamics both in the business world and through social art experiments. Alana is especially interested in how social media and technology will affect the future of relationships.