What do you see when you look at plants? You can see history, strength, peacefulness, and stability. These trees are just there and they have seen it all. It is almost as if they are telling you that everything is alright. However, keep in mind that the trees offer several more benefits than just being a beautiful portion of nature. Apart from the aesthetic part as it turns out the plants have several unexpected benefits. From peace lilies to succulents, the houseplants are a great addition to the office or home space. Everyone is probably aware of the fact that the houseplants improve air quality and aid you in breathing more freely however, there are many more advantages of having a bit of greenery inside the house. Here are some unexpected benefits of this great creation of nature.

1. Houseplants are good for mental health

Several people have indicated that having trees and plants around the house makes them feel better and different researchers agree with this deduction. Depression management and houseplants are interlinked. Research has clearly stated that if you are around greenery as much as possible it can reduce your depression, stress, anxiety, and improves overall happiness. This statement makes a lot of sense as nature is the key to the survival of humans. It is a fact that most people these days spend their time indoors, therefore, it is a good idea to bring the trees inside the house or office to enjoy the psychological benefits of trees. The houseplants are more useful during the winter when people experience the seasonal affective disorder, during winter you can use LED grow lights instead of the sunlight to grow the plants. As it turns out houseplants can help you fight the feeling of sadness even during the darkest of times.

2. Enhance the school and work performance

None of the study or office spaces should be complete without having houseplants within them. It is so much more than just household decor. Are you aware that the houseplants are responsible for improving your ability to concentrate and make you more productive? One study conducted in the UK indicates that the presence of houseplants can improve productivity by around 15%. The University of Michigan also concluded in a study that interaction with nature improves your attention span and short term memory. Therefore if you are struggling with tasks that need plenty of critical thinking and focus, you need to get the houseplants because they will serve you well.

3. Houseplants can provide a sense of duty

There are several psychological benefits associated with houseplants. It is similar to having pets because caring for them provides a purpose to your being. Research has indicated that these things are specifically more beneficial for people staying in assisted living facilities. When you care for a plant it improves the quality of your day-to-day life and increases the happiness level of the persons performing the duty. You can also start investing in growing plants, for instance the cannabis industry is one of the most talked about right now. You can call for cannabis business consulting and learn all the ways how to get started and establish your business. 

4. Quicker recovery from surgeries

If you are aware of someone that is recovering from surgery do not send flowers to the person. Send potted plants because they will do more than brightening their days. Some of these plants are grown by using a grow tent and they can help the patient get back onto his feet quicker. The American Society for Horticultural Science has found out that interaction with nature is helpful to the patients recovering from abdominal surgeries in particular. Plants improve the air quality around the house or office and raise the humidity levels. They also decrease the number of germs. All this leads to a healthier surrounding for the patient and that is the road to recovery.


Having indoor houseplants allows you to experience the joys of nature. Ensure that you show additional love to the plants for what they do for yourself and your family. There are many advantages of having house plants because they are doing things for you even without you realizing them. Sometimes you may feel that you can’t devote time to the care of real plants because you are suffering from allergies. In such cases, you can use faux plants as they are quite beautiful also. You can search for houseplant arrangement styling inspiration online.