Here are a few books I liked reading recently. Reading keeps our mind sharp and it also feeds our inspiration well which can run dry unless we keep filling it with uplifting material.

The Warrior Code by Tee Marie Hanible and Denene Millner – This book will get you inspired for sure. Considering what the author went through in her childhood and then to reach the heights of her profession shows resilience at its best. While the principles are straight forward it does leave you more inspired than you would be without that information.

Pulling Profits Out of a Hat by Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt – This is one of the best business books of the year for sure. The premise is to focus on strategy, business development, people, execution and mission. For example a simple strategy for Southwest was wheels up that is they will make money only if the planes are in the air. Another example is GE under Jack Welch when they said we will only serve markets in which we can be Number one or Number two. Having a strong mission also helps. It has rich examples as well.

Find your Way by Carly Fiorina– I am not political so this book is not about politics. However it is very inspirational on the fact that the only thing that is limitless is human potential. The premise of this book is no matter where we are in life we have not yet become all we can be. I found this book to be inspirational. One of the chapters was to become courageous. First name your fear, run towards your fear and finally don’t give away your power. There is also a chapter on why integrity is important. There is also the story on why she got fired from HP.

The Remix by Lindsey Pollack – This is an interesting book as it talks about how we have to lead with the multi generational workplace. For the first time ever there has been three generations of people in the workforce. Each generation has a particular set of needs. For example a millennial is not driven only by money but more by challenge and purpose. It is all about having the right talent spread across your teams. Another book which addresses this is “The Best Team Wins.”

The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway – This is an interesting book as it speaks about happiness. It is a breezy read. His point is from around ages 22 to 50 it is the toughest phase of life and we are not that happy. Only after 50 do we really appreciate how fortunate we are to have a life. One of the other suggestions is you should sweat more than watch others sweat. He says if you watch ESPN all day or football all day then your happiness will be less. Also spouses should be partners for them to be happy. He also says alcohol has had a detrimental effect on all aspects of life so if you have that problem he asks us to address that immediately. Overall to summarize get into action, sweat more, work hard for 10-20 years, save more, cherish experiences, make your spouse the best partner and finally reduce alcohol intake.

These 5 books are absolutely excellent. Thanks for reading this post.

The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.