I have read quite a bit this year. Here are 5 books I found interesting. Check it out.

Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, Jonathon Rosenberg, Alan Eagle – This is a tribute to the legendary Silicon Valley Coach Bill Campbell. He was the CEO of Intuit before he became the legend in the field of entrepreneurial coaching. This book starts with the story and finally finishes with interesting but counter intuitive coaching tips for all managers. The premise is all managers should see themselves as coaches. Bill Campbell believed in transparency and honesty. The top priority of any manager is the well-being and success of their people. It is a breezy read with lot of good insights. I have also reviewed their earlier book How Google Works check it out. How Google Works

Great Leaders Have No Rules by Kevin Kruse – This book is the anti-thesis of regular leadership books. It is interesting and useful for sure. One of the tips is to never be a people pleaser. Don’t try to be liked by everyone because it is not possible. If you have family that loves you and few close friends who like you then that’s enough. Other rules include closing the open-door policy, putting the smartphone down and sharing compensation details with everyone.

Nine Lies About Work by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall –This is a wonderful book on management. One of the better books on the subject. The authors have made the book interesting rather than a dull diatribe of platitudes. Some of the lies are people care for which company they work for, the best plan wins, the best people are well-rounded, people need feedback and work-life balance matters most. They have also given nine truths about work. Some of them are people care which team they are on, the best intelligence wins, the best companies cascade meaning, and people need attention.

Tim Cook by Kahney Leander – For all Apple fans the good news after Steve Jobs left Tim Cook has taken the company to another level in terms of profit. Of course, there has not been an innovation like the iPhone in his tenure. However, the innovation DNA has been maintained. The book chronicles his story and then focuses totally on the post Steve Jobs era. Tim Cook has brought the consumer first philosophy back to Apple.

The Creators Code by Amy Wilkinson- This is a wonderfully inspiring book. Of course, this is not a new book however worth a read. The six essential skills of extraordinary entrepreneurs are find the gap, drive for daylight, fly the ooda loop, fail wisely, network minds and gift small goods.  

These are 5 books I enjoyed reading recently. Please let me know your thoughts below and share any other books you found interesting.  

The views expressed here are my own and do not represent my organization.