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Are you one of those people who drag yourself every morning to a job that you totally hate? Are you tired of your superior at work bossing you around? Don’t stress, because there is more than one way to break out of the drudgery of work for good, while still maintaining financial stability. I am going to tell you all about it. Keep reading.

Master Shifu has wisely said

Anything is possible when you achieve inner peace

But hey, when do you get to actually have the time to achieve it if you are spending 9-10 of the most productive hours of the day slogging through a job that is making you miserable? Well, it’s time for you to chuck your doubts aside and embrace a new way of life where you are your own boss.

Work can be stressful especially when different elements like an overbearing boss, disgruntled colleagues and non-existent personal life far outweighs the positives like job satisfaction or a fixed salary. If you are one of those people who work best independently then pursuing a freelancing career and choosing your work hours without anyone telling you what to do, should be a siren’s song. Is it achievable? Hell yeah!

Internet nowadays is a vast ocean where you can easily carve out a corner of your own and earn money and peace of mind working independently. All you need are a few basic skills and of course a passion to see it through to the end. It will be challenging in the beginning for sure but the returns will definitely be rewarding with respect to peace of mind and self-growth.

1.    Write a Blog:  The written word is powerful on the internet. Blogging nowadays is a very common affair and a blog is easy to set up too.

If you are an enthusiast about a particular topic that you want to share with the entire web-world then go for blogging. Sharing your opinions and views has never been easier.

Your knowledge and passion about your topic will shine through your words and help carve out your niche on which you will be considered an expert. Use your blog to create a brand for you online and build a business model around it. Earn money using your blog by eventually rendering your services online, through advertisements and affiliations based on your niche.

The possibilities are limitless.

2.     YouTube Channel: YouTube has revolutionized the internet in such a way that it has become a necessary part of today’s online culture. It provides a platform for independent creators to produce content that is unique and original and almost always entertaining and informative. It is a huge marketing tool and a great way to make money online.

Just like blogging, you need a specific niche to base your very first YouTube channel on. It can be lifestyle, cooking, gardening, travel, fashion and a whole lot more. You can create a brand for yourself based on your niche and become an online influencer.

YouTube is similar to blogging but more personal and intimate as you are interacting with your subscribers by putting your life and experience out there in technicolor for mass consumption.

You can explore diverse avenues in a career on YouTube. Your hobbies or interests, whatever they may be, are potential topics to create your videos around. So, if you are not camera shy and have the drive to create video content, then YouTube is for you.

Entertaining, informative and aesthetically pleasing videos are the trifecta in gaining popularity and earning the much-coveted views and subscribers in the YouTube world. More the views, the more money you earn.

It’s fun and will challenge your creativity in ways that will lead you to a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Also, no boss and the freedom to create whatever your heart desires. So, win-win, right?

Besides the views, your channel can earn money based on affiliations, reviews, sponsorships and if you are popular enough, then selling your very own merchandise. People wearing your logo on their t-shirts and hats, how cool is that!

3.    Affiliate Website: This is the oldest tool in marketing history. Affiliates earn money through commission when someone buys a product, they recommended. Affiliate marketers provide a linked connection between the buyer and the seller and earn money when a sale goes through. It is easy and cheap without many complications.

The most important thing to remember in such marketing is to choose the products that are trending and liable to attract more traffic. You have to push people to click your affiliate’s links. To get the word out there effectively you can use a paid advertisement, free advertisement, content marketing, and email marketing.

As with all the other methods that I have covered before, affiliate marketing takes time to generate money too. Be patient, learn the tips and tricks and build a solid reputation as an affiliate who recommends products that are always worth buying.

4.    Freelancing: You have a skill or more than one that you have learned in your school or in your job, whatever they may be, can be used to do jobs online for people looking for the same skill set as yours.

There are various job boards available on the internet where people post jobs which they need to get done. If you are the right person for that job, then apply for it, get the job done and get paid, all from the comfort of your home.

You can be a freelance programmer, a freelance content creator, a freelance internet marketing professional, a freelance virtual assistant or a freelance photographer. Whatever skills you have, hone them, find the online jobs and apply. 

The same job that you have been doing in your previous life as a permanent employee, will earn you more money by doing it as a freelancer but completely under your own terms. No bosses to breathe down your neck or restrictive working hours.

Enjoy life while working, that’s the beauty of freelancing.

5.    Start your own Business: You have an idea of a product or a service that you want to develop and sell to the masses but your daily job is restricting the time you can spend on your pet project. If you are one of those people, then owning and operating your own business is just the thing for you.

Being your own boss, managing your own business finances, spending time on a project that you have faith will succeed will give you the ultimate job satisfaction. And if you are an internet-based entrepreneur then you have the opportunity to set up your office virtually anywhere in the world and conduct your business.

Wrapping Up

Working independently gives you time for personal growth and enjoying the fine nuances of life without getting bogged down by a restrictive work environment.

Many will argue that financial stability in a freelancing world is a bit iffy, so why risk it? Yeah, it’s true, that getting regular jobs as a freelancer may be difficult. Struggling and hustling to gain a foot is a necessity in any new venture but if you are passionate about it, then you will pull through for sure. Once you establish a solid base for your online work, then the pros of a freelancing job highly outweigh the cons.

Remember this from Boston?

People livin’ in competition
All I want is to have my peace of mind, yeah, whoa

So, be your own boss and take over the reins of your life. Setup your work anywhere you want and set your working hours anytime you want. Freedom in your work life will give you the coveted job satisfaction which will translate to a positive influence on every avenue of your life.