stranger things scoops ahoy

Being an influential and popular entrepreneur is an amazing thing because people will take lessons and inspirations from your success. Every business owner hunts for some inspiration even if it comes from watching TV.

There are numerous approaches we can learn from it and let’s take examples from the popular cult Sci-Fi Series, Stranger Things. The show targets pop-culture audiences but also offer brilliant strategies for business owners.

The way Eleven, Mike, Lucas, and other friends got success in finding Will, they also illustrate creative ways to elevate a brand.

Here are five business lessons we learned from Stranger Things.

1. Curiosity to find innovative ways:

Curiosity drives a person to reach the ultimate decision in business. According to a study, best entrepreneurs are curious and creative thinkers. When Joyce’s son Will got abducted, Joyce family and Will’s friends (Dustin, Lucas, and Mike) preferred distressing ways Will back. Jim Hopper and Will’s friends started to search for innovative techniques and methods to get success in their mission. After all, in the end, they not only found the cause of Will’s abduction but also reached Will easily.

Likewise, when you are facing problems in the business, don’t be depressed. Focus on your goals, exercise your motivations, and try to model incentives to shape up the business again.  Don’t lose the curiosity, because it is the key to discover your next breathtaking ideas. Always ask yourself questions, learn from mistakes, and grow. 

2. Build a strong emotional bond with customers:

Advertise your brand in such a way that these touches with consumers’ emotions and let them compel to purchase your products. Let’s take an example from Angel Jackets, an e-commerce store that sells genuine leather jackets. The website is not just selling but providing information through blogging, which is a great way to engage with potential customers.

We have seen, a shaved-headed girl named Eleven made an emotional bond with Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. It happened simply because Eleven knows they are searching for Will and she is the only one who knows about his existence.

Her stronger emotional bond not only brought him back but also gave her a place where she can live happily.

Similarly, emotions are beneficial for marketing. Businessmen and marketers need to connect with the audience according to their needs at human to human grounds. Emotional relation with the audience leads your business from Upside Down to an inclined road.

3. Believe:

Friends and family believed in Eleven that she is the only hope that could bring back Will. Similarly, people buy your products not based on the descriptions but more by reading reviews and experiencing. So if your business offers pure quality products and experience, customers will believe in your brands and proudly promote it.

4. Do small things in a better way if you can’t do big things:

The powerful monsters vanished many people during the process. Will’s friends had no powers to control them, but they relied on small strategies because they knew the power of the Upside Down world.

Similarly, when you are setting up your small business, focus on little things if your competitors are big. Never try the shortcut because it will sink your efforts. Instead, work smarter as a team than working hard.

5. Build a team to achieve targets:

Like I said above, teamwork is very crucial for business. As at the end of Stranger Things, the upside-down world closed and Will safely reached home, only because his friends worked together.

As the word itself suggests, “Together We Can Achieve More” definitely helps in conquering goals. Stranger Things characters clearly showing that teamwork is the first and foremost thing to promote a business.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.


Starting a business may sound easy but running it is a challenge. Because making your way to the top requires planning, taking financial risks, and putting reputation in danger. Stranger Things teaches to endure these risks by taking crazy decisions, working as a team, and believing in one strategy. So In a World Full of Top Marketers and Entrepreneurs, Be Crazy as Eleven.