In our last article, we discussed the digital promotion trends that will transform the market scenario after the corona virus pandemic leaves us. From that article, we clearly established the current state of affairs in the market, looked at the industries that were hit the most, and explored how pronounced an effect that digital promotion will have on the dynamics of the global economy.

Now that our minds have been exposed to these foundational thoughts, we can take things up a notch to the next fundamental though sequence: ACTION. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at actionable digital promotion strategies influenced by the current wave of corona virus change that will give optimum results at relatively low cost and understanding how these strategies could be a potential game changer for you and your business. So, without further ado, let’s get cracking!


With the novel corona virus came unprecedented disorder. As we saw in the last article, this disorder dramatically changed the way economies, businesses, and even individuals functioned. With corona virus came an almost total worldwide lockdown; a draconian measure which forced millions to be laid off, furloughed, or to work remotely. This lockdown instigated us to function from our places of residence. Ultimately, the world came to understand that work, no matter the cadre, could be done remotely. And that’s where the crux of the matter rests.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world now realizes that a focus on deliverables rather than office time should be the key component of operation. This begs the question, “If I can relay a certain quota of deliverables over a specific time range, then why exactly should I commute and report to a work space?”. This is the concept of remote work, and is a model that has instituted a change in the way businesses and individual carry out work.

The key methods that facilitate digital promotion in this regard rest upon three main strategies:

  • Leveraging social media
  • Crafting an appropriate performance methodology
  • Implementing data driven approaches



During this current pandemic, everyone and literally everyone on the planet found a way to entertain themselves or pass away time via the use of some form of social media. Whether they watched videos, communicated, had meetings or gained knowledge, social media became a form of solace to a vast majority of the planet.

The number of people using social media platform is not expected to diminish soon. In fact, social media is going to experience a more immersive engagement as people begin to recover from the effects of covid-19. Below is a chart showing how social media usage has been increasing over the years.

The most intriguing facts now is that the social distancing measures has shifting many people attention to use of social media for shopping. Right away, many traditional businesses are hopping online. They are aware that digital promotion is a key way to survive in these challenging times.


Though countless number of brands is now using social media marketing for promoting products, only a few of them is thriving accordingly. What differentiates successful digital promotion from the failed ones is a matter of strategies. These could range from tweaking online business competitive advantages to advancing user personas and customer journeys and funnel mapping/channel selection. Whatever the performance methodology, a careful examination of the business structure, goals, and objectives would need to be revamped and tailored towards a digital promotion strategy that fosters dynamic integration.



Data has become the backbone for sound organizational procedures and effective implementation of strategy. That being said, in the events post-covid, people, businesses, and organizations will need to apply data and analytics to their digital promotion assets.

It’s been proven overtime that data helps businesses to soar. Check the chart below.

 Can your company use this period to accumulate data on customer needs? How best can you use these data sets to visualize how best to deliver a solution? If that solution doesn’t exist, how can you take insights from these data sets to make sure that a fitting solution, one that applies to all, can be delivered? How can you then revamp your digital promotion strategies to translate these insights into leads and conversions?

Leveraging the power of data and analytics in your digital promotion strategy could mean all the difference between rapid success and eventual decline post-covid.


The key to a transformational digital promotion strategy post-COVID19 rests in connectivity, interactivity, and anticipation. The top 5 best ways to achieve this realistically are as follows:


As afore-mentioned, social media will be a pivotal component of the marketing space post-COVID. Below is a number of sessions created by social media.

This pandemic presents a great opportunity to really understand the inner working of social media and test out a lot of strategies. Your social media channels can possess a great digital promotion tool to up conversion and understand your customers.

Thus, use this time to understand what social media platforms are receiving the most engagement. Then work with your marketing team to clearly establish which channels will be most compatible with your business and facilitate a smooth marketing campaign. Then, run pilot tests and see if these will apply in real life. Remember, it’s going to be about connectivity. If you can connect more with your audience on social media, then you stand a chance to dramatically increase retention, as well as, foster engagement.


Now would be a great time for you and your business to totally revamp your content strategies. One way digital promotion will thrive is focusing on the key buyer personas that this pandemic will transform, specifically in terms of needs.

Businesses need to understand that post-covid many individuals around the planet may undergo some form of transformation in the way they perceive content. As such, content curation would play a huge role in understanding what specific content has the most profound effects on a sample size and adapt the structure of both content and business to suit such content demands.


One major way digital promotion would initiate substantial change for businesses and corporate outfits is in the scene of engagement perception. Post-covid, more and more people will crave the feeling of connectivity. Businesses and organizations can amass optimum results in this space by tweaking their digital promotion strategies to include immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality. No matter what the advertising goal is, if individuals can relate to the strategy on a wholistic human level, then high conversion rates can most likely be guaranteed.


The critical role of predictive analytics can never be over emphasized. Understanding that the deeper your knowledge of a visitor’s habits and preferences, the better your conversion rates. Hence, one major strategy to indulge in to boost your digital promotion escapade is to leverage Artificial Intelligence.

Using AI, your web optimization provider will possess the capacity to have an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, as well as take on the challenge of using sophisticated models and activity evaluation to make the most informed decisions. Thus, the more comprehensive your insight, the better your chances of developing the most apt digital promotion strategy for your organization.


Post-COVID19, an emphasis of sustainable branding will be a major factor driving marketing strategies and sparking engagement. Understanding your digital promotion funnel is key to driving this strategy. The funnel dynamic consists of Awareness (focusing on brand power and driving consistent value), Consideration (innovative performance tactics that will be needed to connect with your audience), and Conversion (personalized campaigns tailored to the specific needs of your consumers). Understanding how your brand key into this dynamic is a pivotal strategy that can be implemented into your marketing techniques to bring about optimum results for relatively little costs.


These strategies explored above are some of the top marketing considerations that could be a potential game changer for you and your company. However, they may not always be straightforward to implement. This is where consulting and contracting comes in.

Perhaps your business might not be big enough to have a marketing team in its employ, or maybe your organization lacks the experience to carry out a robust digital promotion strategy. Whatever the case may be, there are companies out there which function specifically to build and drive your digital promotion needs to a point where profound success can be achieved. Some of them are Brainwork Technologies, Go Ads India, Nummero, Webchutney, Pinstorm, and Trendibyte.

In their own capacities, each company has the ability to do immensely revamp the structure of your digital promotion campaign. In our next article, we’ll be delving into this specific scope and give you an understanding of what these companies can do, and in particular, how one of them can greatly influence the success rate of your enterprise. So stay with us and we’ll see you in a few!


After the corona virus pandemic passes (as all things do), things are going to look really different. Within the scope of digital promotion company, marketers and marketing teams need to understand what strategies will need to be implemented post-covid and have a grasp of what they need to do to ensure that engagement and traffic increases. But what are these strategies? How can they be implemented? What exactly do you need to know? And how best can you prepare yourself and your organization for the future of digital promotion operation? Care to find out?