Philadelphia has no shortage of non-profit and charitable organizations. With so many operating all over the region, it can be hard to stay up to date on which organization is doing what and why. These 5 charities are making a positive impact in the city and surrounding areas and deserve to be recognized for the positivity they inspire. 

The Food Trust

Founded in 1993, the Food Trust has truly grown and been a force for great change against childhood obesity. The organization works to increase nutritious food availability, shows kids just how delicious nutritious food can be, and motivates kids to increase their physical activity levels in a fun and welcoming environment. 

Neighborhood Bike Works

By encouraging better living through bicycling, Neighborhood Bike Works helps children attain bikes and  teaches kids to not only fix bikes, but be trained as a bike mechanic to help them later in their career paths. The organization runs mechanic classes, repair workshops, and ride clubs for people of all ages. 

Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation

A library might seem like a place to just get books, but this library is much more than that. The 54 branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia Foundation serve as community hubs where English and science classes are held, literacy is a major focus for all age groups, and where books are delivered to those who cannot make it to the library. There’s even a business resource center to help entrepreneurs start and maintain new or existing businesses. 

Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

Founded by a firefighter in 2011, the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team coordinates with emergency response organizations to rescue pets from homes that suffered from fire or other disaster damage. Several thousand pets have been rescued to date and the team operates day and night, 365 days a year. They also provide up to 2 weeks of post-rescue care. Now that is inspiring. 

Hopeworks ‘N Camden

For over 20 years, the Hopeworks ‘N Camden organization battled against poverty and violence. By training youth to better themselves and their communities through tech and entrepreneurship skills, kids can earn wages, explore new interests in fields that could lead to promising careers, and/or simply have a safe space to hang out while learning.