In America, you will find many organizations that support children. These nonprofits aim to assist children by offering them the chance to explore their opportunities. Here are five kid’s nonprofits that you can and should support.

Child Care Aware of America

This is a nonprofit organization that works to offer high-quality and affordable healthcare to every kid. They teach the parents some of the options they can explore to ensure their children get the best healthcare. Child Care Aware also advocates for child care policies.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Among the largest nonprofits in America is Big Brothers, Big Sisters founded over 100 years ago. The organization offers help to young children through one-to-one mentorship, and its presence is recognized in every American state. They also provide their program overseas, and this has expanded their reach internationally. To achieve their goal, they work with the kids very closely, and the good thing is that every volunteer is a mentor.


Initiated in 1844 is YMCA, the most significant nonprofit organization that serves over 10,000 neighborhoods. The YMCA, an abbreviation for Young Mens’ Christian Association, has grown beyond its mission to help people of all genders and ages. The organization works to meet the social and health needs of every individual.

National Parent Teacher Association

PTA is among the largest nonprofit organizations in the US. The organization serves both students and teachers, and it has over six million participants in 26,000 locations. PTA empowers parents and mobilizes the community to help the children in school. Every parent helps in raising the funds required since they are all volunteers.