Fantasy Wallpaper

Setting up a beautiful environment is a huge contributor to productivity. And wallpapers are a part of that.

You need them, and we highly recommend them. Through wallpapers, you can better hone your focus.

You can improve your work mood. And you’ll feel fulfilment in personal space!

But how do you make that a possibility? This is something we’ll help you with.

Below, we’ve got 5 creative tips for wallpaper use! Follow them, and enjoy a beautiful and prosperous environment!

#1 – Settle on a Theme.

Getting new images isn’t an excuse to go wild.

You need to setup your wallpapers so that their colors mesh well. That is, you don’t want images whose colors are off.

Nor do you want wallpaper themes that don’t belong together.

Find a Source of Inspiration.

Try to sift through as many free wallpaper samples as possible.

You can find them online through a quick Google search. Or, you can ask a designer friend of yours to hand you something!

Or – how about seeking artistic inspiration?

You can look into a favorite TV show or movie of yours. It can be a cartoon, or even something belonging to a movie.

Take the HD background images you see, and form a nice wallpaper album. From there, find matching images, and start printing!

#2 – Quality is Vital.

You can’t use wallpaper that’s low in quality.

You need to use a high quality image. Details matters here, and the last thing you need is to stare at a blur.

Don’t Overextend.

Here, we’re talking about wallpaper dimensions.

Define the length/width of your wallpaper (for physical use). And then define the acceptable resolution for digital wallpaper.

Make sure you stick to those. Don’t try to stretch HD wallpaper beyond its quality limits!

#3 – Positioning Matters.

Realistically speaking, you can’t cover everything you come across in wallpaper.

At most, you’re covering you rooms/office. And from there, you’re covering your laptop’s screen with wallpaper.

Why Positioning Matters.

You’ve got to match the wallpaper to your environment’s aesthetics.

You can’t stick wallpaper next to a piece of furniture that doesn’t suit it. Nor can you use wallpaper that doesn’t match your computer colors.

Make it Complement.

Don’t make wallpaper the basis of your creative décor. Instead, make it a complement to what already exists.

We don’t think you should select wallpaper that defines your room. Use them to ad colorful shades here and there.

And speaking of colorful…

#4 – Settle on Relaxing Colors.

Why get wallpaper that give off distressing colors?

Aren’t you better off with “more organic” relaxing colors? We think that’s better for your peace of mind and productivity.

A relaxing color helps you focus on work. It helps you stay conscious even if your mind is fatigued!


Avoid energetic colors like yellow, orange, and red.

Those colors keep you hyper alert. And their brightness (especially in a well-lit room) can be taxing long-term.

On the other hand, we’d recommend colors like blue, green, and cyan.

They’re natural and smooth. Plus, they work well with white, which is probably the wall color of your room!

#5 – Experiment.

The final tip on our list.

To be real, you won’t get it right the first time. You’ll never find the correct option for how wallpaper should be.

You’ll need to experiment. And by that, we don’t mean research…

You’ll need to print out a few samples (of your liking). And then, you’ll have to try them out with the rest of your aesthetics. Over time, you’ll come to an understanding on what suits you best. You’ll find the best wallpaper themes for your needs!