What is perfect moment syndrome? A crippling mindset in people who refuse to accept being happy for the sake of it; here and now.  Sufferers would much rather grasp for some time in the undefined future. Wishing all conditions were perfect for happiness. Waiting for this and that status quo to be satisfied. Sadly, when the so-called condition is met, it leaves a flat taste in the mouth. Nothing as fulfilling as anticipated. Sound familiar?S

Start before You Feel Ready

The truth about life is that the best laid plans will remain just that-plans. Action is what makes the difference. Life is best enjoyed through experiences and not lived to a script. There are no words to say how a chance sighting of a shooting star or gazing at fireflies in the dark connects you fully to nature. Unless you live it and feel it. If you’re dying to take a trip, just go ahead and do it; within the means you have. Start a business, write a book. Time never ever feels just right. Worst still there are very few encouragers nowadays.

If you overthink everything you won’t get much done

By hesitating and overthinking everything, you feed procrastination; that infamous thief of time. For every idea there are a hundred opposing opinions because by nature going against the grain makes you stick out. Try being a salmon for a change : ). We are creatures of habit and by rote will seek out the path of least resistance.

The clouds may not gather in time

Even a farmer whose trade may be influenced by the changing of seasons is wise enough; knowing that watching for the clouds alone won’t yield a harvest. What’s the right age to get stuff done? How do you know the time is right? What if you never get that ‘’right’’ feeling in your gut?

You are your own personal setback; you’re not in competition

Comparing yourself to others without considering how many years may have gone into their efforts is vain. In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster and total burnout. Overnight wonders most likely will fizzle out as quickly as they appear. Unless of course underneath the surface, their roots run deep like the Chinese bamboo; burrowing down before you notice anything on the surface.

Goals, resolutions, vision boards or your WHY?

Set your mind to a clearly defined purpose. Goals fill pages and resolutions breed frustrations especially when you cannot fulfill them. Vision boards for some will be a motivator but for others will be a reminder of inadequacy. Understanding WHY something is so important is liberating and at the same time a compass point for direction.

  1. Don’t sweat the small
  2. Live a little
  3. Laugh at yourself once in while

As cliché as it sounds, life is meant for living and not being too serious. And life most definitely is far from perfect.