When it comes to manifesting, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all technique that works for everyone. The masculine method of Choose – Act – Create is an outwardly active way of bringing ideas into reality, and one that both men and women adopt. Ain’t nothing “wrong” with it — in fact, it works really well.

The feminine manifestation method is inward: Surrender – Receive – Create. You can think of it in terms of literally creating new life: we surrender an egg from our ovaries, receive the seed of life, and create a baby. Miraculous!

Women operating too often and for too long in the masculine way risk burnout, illness, and strong feelings of misalignment. For women to thrive and flourish, we need to remember our feminine magic and power; our special way of creating in the world.

Here are 5 practices you can do every day to strengthen your feminine manifestation muscles, or wo-manifestation as I like to call it.


Spend time every day connecting to divine source, your higher self, spirit, God*dess. This could be as little as 5 minutes or as luxurious as 5 hours, but this is an essential piece for getting the channel between you and the divine open and clear. Remember that you are a conduit, a lightning rod. Typically this is a mental quieting activity, so you can detach from your monkey mind and access your magical mind. My favorite ways to connect are meditation, forest walks, sacred dance, singing & chanting. This is where we find and strengthen our Faith; the knowing that we are part of something much bigger.


When you receive hits of intuition, or signs from the Universe, soul nudges that spark some inspired idea… what do you do with them? Think about them for a while, and then forget them? Get excited for a moment, and then shoot it down as impossible? I love the Audrey Hepburn quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” When you get an inspired idea, receive it! Write it down or share with a friend, out loud. This starts the process of turning a thought into a real possibility. Notice how you much you actually block or resist, and start to intentionally grow your container to receive good things!


This is the fun part. And the hard part. This involves what I like to call “shapeshifting”, as you are literally becoming a new woman who has already gotten to where you want to go. Visualize yourself right now, AFTER having achieved the big dream that is engraved on your heart. What does that feel like? What do you look like? Are you wearing the same clothes as you are today? Living in the same home? Eating the same? Maybe yes, but I guarantee you that something about you is different. The thoughts you are having, the choices you are making, how you are spending your days. To accomplish something totally different than you’ve ever accomplished before, you have to DO something totally different. It’s essential to incrementally start to think, choose and act in a manner that is aligned with your desires. Remember, you make the magic in co-creation with spirit — it is an active process.


While you’re embodying your future self more and more, don’t forget to appreciate what’s right here, right now. You’ve probably heard a lot about how important it is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. It’s true! Think of it in terms of real estate or fine art: what you appreciate, appreciates in value. Regularly practicing gratitude raises your vibration so you welcome more good stuff (remember to RECEIVE it!). The simple truth is, what we give energy to, either consciously or unconsciously, grows. Are you focused on what’s not working, and complain every day? More of that will show up for you. Focus on your blessings, the little wins, everything and everyone in your life that you’re grateful for, and you’ll notice more and more of it.


Mindset is such a popular buzz word in the personal growth sphere these days, and it’s not just one “thing”. It can be journaling, daily success affirmations, EFT tapping, or visualization. Mastering your mindset is key, because our thoughts form our perception of reality and what we believe is possible for us. The word “perception” is important here: you see your reality through the lens created by your thoughts — and a thought can be changed. Inner shifts lead to outer changes through our awareness of how we are perceiving the world around us and what our options are. It cannot be emphasized enough how a mindset practice is a huge catalyst for change.

You can easily remember these 5 Daily Practices of Wo-manifestation by the acronym: CREAM. Use this CREAM regularly to smooth out and speed up your personal transformation as you expand into your highest potential for health, happiness and success!

~ Flora

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Originally published at strengthandsoulwellness.com