5 Dead Simple Ways To Find Purpose in Your Life

There comes a time in every person’s life when they find themselves in a rut. When nothing makes sense to them, and they deeply long for an answer to this burning question, what’s my purpose in life? Why am I here? Everybody goes through that phase, and there is nothing to be ashamed about.

Having a purpose is essential because it brings positivity and hope to your life. A purpose can keep you happy and healthy. Not just that, it also keeps you in line with your life goals.

You must have heard about this movie named “A dog’s purpose,” where the lead dog Bailey longs for his existence, and his life purpose was to get connected with the actual owner even after multiple births. The point to be noted from the movie was that every living creature on the planet is on a quest to fulfill its purpose.

So if you are longing for the same answer, then here in this blog, I will walk you through the five dead simple ways to find purpose in your life. But before jumping on that, let’s answer this question.

Why Do You Need to Have A Purpose in Your Life?

Most people think, why this much fuss around having purpose (or) meaning in your life. Can’t we go with the flow and don’t look for answers in every place. 

You definitely can, and this might keep you engaged for a while, but without purpose, you start hating the things you once loved. This is not just some bogus claim; it has been proved that a person with purpose lives happily. 

In one of the studies, it has been claimed that the person with a purpose tends to be stronger and healthier than the person who doesn’t have a purpose. Hence you won’t enjoy anything sustainably, and this will lead to that ‘why!’

However I would assume that by now you know why you need a purpose.

How To Find Purpose – 5 Simple Ways

Now without wasting any more time, let’s jump into five dead simple ways to find purpose in your life.

1. Reading Books 

The one common thing among many successful people is their love for books. Books are not only the hub of gaining knowledge, but they also ignite curiosity among individuals. Books help people find the inspiration they are looking for. 

Having a habit of reading books is an excellent exercise for the brain, and you might have heard this quote from Joseph Addison, an 17th century English writer, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” 

Specifically there are many self-help books on finding purpose. These books are specially designed for people looking for their ‘why’ and who want to explore themselves. 

However, the journey of finding purpose starts from knowing oneself better. You can’t find the meaning of your life when you cannot discover who you are. This is precisely why reading books is essential. Whenever you read books, you find out something about yourself within those stories. Whether it is a fiction or nonfiction story, you learn something in the end. 

Not just this, books bring positivity and hope. People with reading habits have a good sense of knowledge and a perspective to see people with different eyes.

2. Travelling to Places and Understanding Different Cultures 

Answer this one question….. how will you find meaning in your life when you keep yourself restricted to one place? 

Most people think travelling is all about spending lavishly on beach resorts and islands, but that’s not all about travelling. Travelling is an opportunity to know places, and people. 

One such example is Swami Vivekananda, who belongs to a traditional Indian family, but to bring his preaching to the world, he travelled to the United States, Europe, and England. Travelling provided him with an opportunity to know different people, explore their cultures, understand them, and more importantly, it helped him share his philosophy with others. Another example is Steve Jobs, who travelled to India before coming up with the idea of Apple.

When you travel, you will encounter people from all parts of life, and by getting to know different cultures, you get the gist of living. Usually, an average mentality builds up inside the mind of many individuals that travelling is for wealthy people, people who have lots of money, and no job. But that’s not the case, in the 21st century travelling has become affordable for everyone with a smartphone in hand, one can find multiple places to travel, which can be affordable and fulfilling.

3. Realize your Strengths by Listening to your Family and Friends 

Many of your life answers lie in the people around you. Our friends and family notice everything about ourselves. They can point out both good and bad about you if you ask them. Many of us get offended when someone says anything wrong to us without realizing that it is an opportunity to know all about our weaknesses. 

And now the question must be popping in your head why it is essential to know about strengths and weaknesses to find the purpose in your life. So by spending time with your friends and family, you will be able to see what triggers you the most and what keeps you calm. 

By knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you get to realize what you’re good at so that you can try out a particular path that aligns with your strength, and at the same time, you get to choose a path that weakens your weakness. That’s how you find your path and your purpose.

4. Staying Fit

Fitness is an integral part of everyone’s life. If it’s not, then it should be. Following a fitness routine and being fit needs discipline, life adjustments, constant motivation, and constant dedication to being healthy.

For some, staying fit isn’t a big deal when compared to others. But I have repeatedly seen that following a fitness regime helps people to think positively, and people always tend to approach life better while they follow a particular lifestyle. 

However, if you decide to stay fit. There are only two things which you need to consider:-

  1. Exercise
  2. Nutrition

I don’t want to go in-depth, but exercising can happen at home and the gym. You can do it regularly anywhere at any time. However, no matter how you choose to exercise, doing cardio like running leaves a better impact on your body as cardio isn’t something that requires gym. Hence you can do it on a regular basis with no excuses.

However, when it comes to nutrition, it isn’t complex. All you have to do is avoid junk food as much as you can and keep on adding whole foods to your diet, and that’s it. You can take this tip for a long haul.

Although you need to realize that doing regular exercises and having a good diet will help you keep that mental stability that won’t let you tend away. Following a fitness lifestyle enables you to understand the importance of a routine, and by following a routine will lead you towards your purpose.

5. Follow your Hobbies, No Matter What

Hobbies are not only for merely passing your time. Many people think that the time we spare other than making money is a complete waste. That’s completely wrong. There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals worldwide who built a business or a career out of their hobbies.

The best part about following your hobbies is that there are no boundaries or limitations regarding how much you can pursue your hobby. A hobby is a stress-buster and somewhere down the line having a hobby helps you keep up with your solitude. 

Even though hobbies are intended to help you utilize your time in your very own way, hobbies can help you structure your life and realize how to spend your time efficiently. More importantly, it will help you understand what you love doing other materialistic work. 


That’s it! Here I have listed all the essential and straightforward points that anybody looking for a purpose in their life can follow. All the points mentioned above are simple and can be executed by anyone. Having a goal is an integral part of your wellbeing, you can’t overlook it. 

No matter what others say to you, exploring yourself is necessary. It will only provide a more profound sense of living and help you live your life meaningfully.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these five simple steps and unroll the purpose of your life.