Digital Minimalism Gururaj Swamy

Digital minimalism has got little to do with things and more to do with your mind. It is not cutting off from clutches of digital products and running way to some monastery. Digital minimalism is about making the best use of digital channels.

We act like trained dogs when the phone beeps with a notification. Every like, comment or a sound makes us go crazy. We voluntarily do same mistakes knowing it is a waste of time. Few minutes of scrolling ends up in hours. We end up as victim of this digital resources which end up causing more harm to our body and mind than good.

How to fight this problem?

  1. Try 1-hour digital minimalism challenge

In the book, “Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World,” Cal Newsport suggests everyone to take a 30-day break from your gadgets or technologies. Well, is it easy? I don’t think so. We live in digital era; we need to keep checking some apps for our livelihood.

In such case, you can try “1-hour challenge.”

  • Keep every gadget or smartphone you own away from you for an hour.
  • Try to have a chat with your colleagues, friends or family member.
  • You can take a walk across your office, home or neighborhood.
  • Maybe, pick a book and start reading.

You can take this “1-hour challenge” any time of your day.

Make a note of how you feel after this hour.

In the beginning, it may look difficult but soon you will find it easier.

2. Never check out your phone or laptop before 10 A.M

You are at your best in the morning. Never squander your precious time and energy in checking out emails or scrolling memes. Pick a healthy routine. Hit the gym or practice meditation. Go out for a run in nearby park. Your body and mind need more oxygen to get started for the day. Have a healthy breakfast without any loud music or TV which mostly shows breaking news for no reason.

Take charge of the morning hours and go slow. You can pick up the digital usage as the day proceeds. Again, as the day ends, you need to loosen up. Gradually decrease the usage and end the day in solitude.

3. Disable notifications in settings option

Do I need to remind using smartphones while driving leads to accidents? You got it!

Ever noticed how creatively the notifications are sent to you. They always create an element of urgency on your phone. For example: “Don’t miss this amazing offer.” “Grab our offer before it is out.” “Wow! You need to check this video before it gets deleted.”

You end up falling right in such marketing gimmicks and lose your peace of mind. If you take a step back, you will realize, you don’t need to click it in the first place.

If you got no control on your usage, then try deleting apps right away.

Here an amazing hack you can try: Go to your settings options and click the “disable all” notifications option. Thank me later.

4. Ask a simple question to yourself: “What did I gain from using this app or gadget?”

I know, it is like breaking rule of minimalism. Spend a lot of time on a single app or any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Do whatever you want to do. When you are done using it, ask yourself this question: “What did I gain from this time?”

Once you get your answer, it will be clear to you. It will make you realize that most of time was “zombie scrolling.” You know why you are checking out an Instagram feed or scrolling tweets with long threads.

When you repeatedly ask such wakeup question, you will stay alert and limit your social media usage.

5. Unfollow the crap content

Let me remind once again that Digital Minimalism is more about making the best use of technology. Check your social media account feed. Scroll through it. Unfollow or unfriend those accounts who add no value to your life. We all got some people or posts who posts like machine guns. They add almost no value. Do yourself some favor and hit that “unfollow” button.

Digital Minimalism is a long journey not a destination to feel victorious.

It may keep piling up and engulf you in no time. So it important to keep a check on you.