Written By Katie Thompson

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely sometimes, and having a creative community around you can not only help you feel less isolated, but it can also help you learn and get better at your craft. If you are struggling with building or finding a creative community, then try these five easy ways you can start building a creative community and start to connect with other like-minded individuals today.

Join a Facebook Group

I’ve talked about Facebook groups in episode 1, and I seriously can’t recommend them enough. You will be so surprised how many like-minded people you can connect to in these groups. Worried that there isn’t a group out there for you? Don’t be. If someone has thought of it, there’s a group for it. One group I love is the Tuesday’s Together Group with the Rising Tide Society. This is a group for creatives looking to connect, and they have chapters all around the country. They even have monthly meetups with speakers and workshops. Just go to Facebook type in some keywords to the search bar and click on groups. Explore a little and find the ones that look interesting to you.

A little tip. Make sure you read the rules of the group. You don’t want to be kicked out for posting things that aren’t allowed. Approach these groups as a way you can serve and grow, not sell. Sure, there are groups out there where you can sell and advertise, but these groups are extremely different. Community Facebook groups are there to connect you with other people, help answer questions you might have, and offer support.

Reach Out To People You Look Up To

I know this sounds simple, but trust me, it can be harder than it sounds. Social media has lulled us into the idea that we are all inner connected, but most of the time, all we are really doing is scrolling and liking. We aren’t really communicating, and we defiantly aren’t using these tools to build an in-person community in real life. So, make a list of people you look up to and reach out to them over social media or email. Introduce yourself, tell them a little about you and make sure to mention why you love their work, or admire them.

Then explain to them that you are trying to connect with more like-minded people and simply ask if you could meet up for coffee or drinks. If they say no, don’t sweat it, people are busy, and it won’t always be possible for them to meet you in person. But keep trying, someone will say yes, and it’s a great first step to building that community of other creatives around you.

Build Other People Up

As I mentioned before, a lot of the time, we use the internet to look at others’ lives without ever interacting with them. I’ve caught myself admiring someone’s work and constantly checking in to see what they are up to, but I never actually reached out to them and told them that! If you see someone making waves or doing great work, tell them. Comment on their photos or shoot them a quick DM and let them know that they’re doing a great job. Building up others around you is a great way to set the tone of the community you want to build or be a part of. Plus, you never know what kind of friendships could come out of that short message to someone.

Attend a Workshop Or a Class

If you’ve been in the creative community for a while, you know that there is always something new to learn. Even if it’s not something specifically in your fiend, a great way to meet other creatives is to attend a workshop or class where you are all learning something new together. You already know the people that show up are interested in what you are and that they also want to learn. That’s a great start, and believe me, you will be surprised how much you bond with people when you are all trying something new for the first time together. Check out local event boards like Eventbrite and see what’s going on around town that sounds fun to attend.

Join a Mastermind

If you’ve never heard of a mastermind before then, I am about to blow your mind. Masterminds are a group of people who get together maybe once a week or once a month to talk about everything from business to relationships to life. They are basically 5 to 10 people all there to support you, answer questions, listen to you rant, and give feedback on your projects. Sounds amazing, right? If you can’t find a mastermind to join, make your own! Go on one of those Facebook groups you joined and ask if people would be interested in joining one. Set a time each week or each month to touch base with each other to help one another stay accountable and, most of all, sane.

Katie Thompson