Modern medicinal treatments have been extra ordinarily substantial for the treatment of various diseases in the present times. However, there are certain primeval methods of healing the entire body which can’t be ignored. Ayurveda is an ancient method of treating different diseases. It primarily focuses on a perfect balance and stability between the body and soul. I did my Ayurveda course at Arhanta Yoga Ashrams. There I learnt ancient theories of Ayurveda.

These theories suggest that there is a firm connection between the anatomy of human and functioning of universe. Complications in human body only occur when there is a lack of tranquility between the mind and universe. Man is considered as an embodiment of universal factors.

According to ayurvedic medicine, three things are necessary for a sound mind, body and soul. These are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Biologically, Vata describes the vitality in association to movement, Pitta is the energy related to metabolism and Kapha is the energy required for the morphological and anatomical structures of human body. All these three indispensable requirements of human body can perfectly be fulfilled if and only if; man has an adequate relationship with 5 elements (space, air, fire, water and earth).

Akasha or Space:

Space is the most radical element of this universe which is interrelated to human body in wonderful ways. Space has no boundaries and thinking about it infuses a fantabulous sense of infinity and purity in human’s mind and soul. This provides porosity in body organs and produces a great impact on the stimulus modality of hearing and movement. Our body has various cavities which basically are the empty spaces i.e vertebral cavity and thoracic cavity. Moreover, there are certain intra cellular spaces as well which help in the transportation of nutrients and fluids between the cells. Hence, the entire body is comprised of space. Anything which is light, smooth, immeasurable and minute is space which may either me in the universe or human body.

Air or Vayu

Air is primarily linked with the movement and is a perfect representative of various types of movements in humans. It is the fundamental characteristic of life. Lack of air can be an immediate cause of death when compared to the other four necessary elements. Ayurveda lays stress on the fact that all sorts of movements in human body are driven because of air. The movement of plasma in the cardiovascular system, the movement of blood in the circulatory system, the movement of nutrients in the digestive system and the excretion of metabolic wastes are all ideally driven with the assistance of air. A balanced amount of air is required by the body. An excessive amount may lead towards excitability of various reflexes while lesser amount can make you sluggish. One can have a healthy Vata if Vayu is in flow without any particular obstacle.

Fire or Agni

Fire helps to gain a perfect Pitta.  Agni is essential for ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation and excretion of food. This is because of the fact that Agni is provided with terrific features of thermal power, hotness, light and flow. The fire Agni makes sure that the food is digested and absorbed in the best possible way. Agni however is not restricted to the stomach but many helps in the proper functioning of many other organs of the body including the brain.

Fire and Pitta Dosha, when combined together create the qualities of intelligence and brilliance in humans. This terminology is called as Sadhaka Pitta which is located in heart and brain. It helps a person to comprehend and grasp over various issues of life in a perfect manner.

Water or Ap:

Water is the fourth element of ayurveda and helps to cool the thermal energy in body. Water has very strong hydrogen bonding which enhances the cohesion between molecules and they become closely packed.  The cold, dull, soft and slimy attributes of water help in the transport of fluids like the pancreatic juices, ultra filtrate of plasma and Cerebrospinal fluids. Water also enhances the sensory modality of tongue and taste because of wonderful moistening, softening and exhilarating capabilities. The reproductive system, plasma and structural strengthening are supplemented by water.

Earth or Prithvi:

Support, strength and power are represented by Earth because it is heavy, compacted and stable structure. There is an extensive range of solid structures present in human body i.e bones, nails, teeth, skin and hair. It helps in development and firmness of bones and tendons. It also stabilizes the stimulus modalities of smell. Earth enters in human body in various ways. The food we eat is an example of earth in human body. The consumption of excessive amount of earth can cause obesity. When we consume more earth than the required amount, it stores in our body in the form of medas dhatu (fat) which ultimately leads towards obesity and other diseases.

Hence, Arhanta Yoga Ashrams Ayurveda is a wonderful treatment for the freshness of mind, body and soul.