Social Network development

Social Media has become a necessity in today’s world. From individuals to businesses, everyone has a purpose to stay active on different social media platforms.

But does all the social networks go viral?

No! There are a plenty of social networks that have died even without showing a single glimpse.

Because not all the platforms can become Facebook or Twitter. To build a social media platform, you need to know what your targeted audience crave for. Be specific with your mission, what can your platform serve that is currently not available in the industry.

And once you’re done with your mission, it’s time to know what else you need.

In the quest of creating social media platforms that could actually perform and show results, I created a list of 5 Essential Features of Social Networks that you need to know.

1. Network Building

A social media platform is of no use unless it can help you build your own network. Connecting to different people is the prime concept of social media. If you wish to create a social network that people would like to use, you need to keep the basics of easy connecting options in mind.

2. Platform

You must have observed that the giant social media platforms support all kind of the operating systems. But is that is not what you need to do when you’re just getting started. At the beginning just choose one platform that can be either Windows, iOS or Android.

Understand which platform is the best suited according to your industry and then gradually move to other platforms.

3. Push Notifications

Now, this is something that has become a newly added necessary feature. Since the increasing number of people opting for mobile devices, a social media platform should be able to deliver everything over mobiles. Push notifications can also help to keep the user coming back to check out the updates. If your platform doesn’t allow push notifications then it can be a major drawback for you.

4. Privacy

This could get even a platform like Facebook to get sued. People hate when the social networks compromise their privacy. Your users should be your priority and they need to have trust in you. Moreover, your platform should provide enough security to the users. People should not end up losing their private information to the black hat people.

5. Customization

You can’t even think of creating a platform that doesn’t allow users to customize their profiles. People wish to connect with those who have proper profiles and not the fake ones. Your platform should allow users to customize their profiles like adding profile pictures, posting texts or photos or videos. It’s no more the time when we used to chat in chat rooms with just gravatars and fake names.


If you plan to set up a social media platform, you need to know that there is a pool of competition out there and you need a professional social media development company to help you understand what does it take to build a successful social media platform.