Gift Ideas

Should you need a gift for a friend or family member, being stumped for ideas is a common problem. Finding something special is a huge challenge because you’ll want it to convey a warm message and define the relationship you have with the recipient. Begin your search online for unique gifts and you will be amazed at the sheer number of possibilities. But the exciting thing is that many e-commerce stores now stock various unusual items that are attractive to look at and also, usable. What’s more is that you can choose gifts according to the kind of lifestyle your friend has and make sure that the token will be a treasured memento of the occasion.

Check out this article on Life Hack that tells you to match unique gifts with the budget you have in mind and the specific event for which you’re choosing the gift. Like, for instance, a birthday, anniversary, christening, or maybe, for the Holidays. You could also focus on the hobbies and areas of interest of the recipient or on their ages when picking out the ideal token of your affection.

Let’s take a quick look at the unusual and unique gift ideas available out there. You might just find the perfect present for that someone special in your life.

For the Gadget Freaks:

The internet, today, is flooded with any number of gadgets, games, applications, and other paraphernalia. But, with a little research, you should be able to find devices that come with exciting features and can perform various new functions. Here are some of them:

If your friend enjoys watching movies, videos, or playing games, gift her the ultimate entertainment experience with the ultra-portable RIF6 CUBE Full LED Mini Projector. This cubed device measures just 2 inches in length, breadth, and height and is compatible with a range of gadgets such as a smartphone, TV, home theater system, laptop, computer, and speakers. The vibrant LED projector provides superb images that will wow any viewer.

For the Frequent Travelers:

People who are often on the move on business trips or for the love of exploring new locations across the world are likely to appreciate compact gadgets that offer them small conveniences on the go. If this sounds like your favorite uncle, aunt, cousin, or any other, choose from one of these unique gifts.

Consider presenting the compact handheld espresso machine that can give you 50 ml of fresh coffee. The portable bottle-shaped gadget works even if there isn’t an electric outlet handy since it can be operated by hand. The smart device allows the user to experiment with a range of flavors and you can extract the exact amount of the beverage you need.

Frequent Travelers

Most hotels and stayovers in locations across the world typically provide bed and breakfast facilities. However, travelers who are short of time can consider using this interesting gadget that lets you make breakfast in the comfort of a motel room. All you need to do is get the ingredients in place and the device will have a breakfast sandwich ready for you while you dress. Load it with the bread, eggs, bacon, and cheese, and you’ll have a piping hot meal within a short time. For more information about how that can work, check out this Amazon link.

Combine your sandwich with a cup of espresso and you’re good to go without having to hunt around for a restaurant that serves you a morning meal. Isn’t this one of the most original and unique gifts that you can give a friend?

For Students:

If you have young cousins, nephews, nieces, or friends who are students, consider gifting notebooks and journals made with 100% recycled paper. You can find this stationery in specifications of blank sheets, ruled, or with grid lines. What makes these unique gifts interesting is the cover. Each journal has jackets with exciting prints that can hint at the subject matter in the notebook. For instance, students of Botany will appreciate botanical drawings of plants, fungi, flowers, and other flora. On the other hand, a student studying the human anatomy might like to use a journal with illustrations of say, the heart and lungs to take notes in class or prepare assignments.

For Cooking Enthusiasts:


All families and friend circles have at least one member who loves to cook or just potter around the kitchen. For these special foodies, consider buying the pancake pan that can make a series of mini pancakes in different smiley shapes. For friends who are still learning to cook, you can buy the set of R2-D2 measuring spoons and cups sets. When you’re done collecting the ingredients in the right proportions, you can just rearrange the pieces and rebuild the robot. Cute, isn’t it?

If your friend is actually a fan of such funky, unusual, and unique gifts, here’s one more cooking idea. The egg mold in the shape of small chicks is made with food-grade plastic and absolutely safe to use. Your friend can cook eggs so that they emerge white with perfectly carved wings, beak, eyes, and tail. The entire egg is balanced on a pair of plastic legs to lend an exciting and amusing touch to your mornings.

For the Dedicated Pet Owners:

Pet owners are certainly a special breed of people who are known to go all mushy when it comes to their furry friends. If you have the good fortune that one of them is in your life, making them happy is actually the easiest thing. For instance, consider buying the PetCube for dog or cat owners who work long hours and have to leave their pets alone at home. This smart gadget allows them to monitor their pets’ activities by way of a relay to their smartphones. And, that’s not all it does. The device also has a two-way audio system that allows owners to talk to their four-legged friends. Sounds interesting?

There you go! You now have a collection of unique gifts for 5 categories of your friends and family members. Each of these ideas is unusual enough to elicit a delighted laugh and a special “Thank You!” Go ahead and try them!