Astrological signs, also known as zodiacs, have been one of the most reliable forms of identity definition. By learning about zodiac signs, people are able to explain their personalities. However, there are many facts about zodiacs that influence a personality. Those qualities turn out to be true and enjoyable, most times. Here are 5 facts to know about how astrological signs affect personality.

  1. Different astrological stars, signs, and planetary bodies all contribute to the influence of your personality. Other than the fact that you might cut across two periods or signs, planets, Sun, rising sun, and seasons all have ways of influencing your personality. However, one is always prevalent about your true identity than others −your Sun sign.
  2. If you are born at the tail or the beginning of a zodiac period, then you will most likely execute personality traits that come from the two zodiac periods that are close to each other. There are several millions of people in the world and it would be untrue to think that we will all adhere to the signs allotted to each of the 12 signs. Hence, the time of birth could cut across different signs for a person and divergent traits.
  3. The movement of the sun across different astrological stars affects our behavior. The sun determines the zodiac signs; however, it also lies across different planetary bodies at certain times of our births. Hence, zodiac would affect a personality based on the period (month) of birth and also the sign of the planet aligning with the sun at the time. The sun reveals ‘shiny’ attributes, and Jupiter reveals abundance. So, the features of the sun or a planet can lapse with the time of birth to influence our personalities and behaviors.
  4. The current territory of the sun also has ways of influencing personalities and behaviors. There are periods when the movement of the sun along certain zodiac territories will determine how we behave. During the festive periods between December and January, where Capricorn lies, you will tend to be more open happy, and willing to spend money in the festivities. However, the moment the festive periods are over, you will naturally want to tighten your pocket to control your spending until the next earnings date. 
  5. The ascendant or the rising sun is the strongest zodiac that people see. The strongest reflection of zodiac attributes that people see from us are not usually our Sun sign, it is usually that of Our Rising Sun, which is also called ascendant. This sign is the one that was rising or waking up as each person is born. This sign has been found to be more prevalent based on our first encounter with people. When people meet you for the first time or comment is passed by those not close to you, their impression about you is often that of your rising sun. Only those who move closer can experience the character of your real Zodiac. This explains why some persons’ perceived traits seem to differ from their Sun or zodiac sign.