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Hi Everyone,

My name is Emily and I need to share this experience with you.

So, when I told people in my life that I was going to do a cleanse, many eyebrows lifted.  Some of the first reactions to hearing about a cleanse were frightening and acutely misinformed, and so, because of this, I decided to write about my cleanse. Also, to address some of the misconceptions about the process!

Let’s break down some of the top 5 misunderstandings about this cleanse.  Keep in mind, this doesn’t apply to all plans and remedies that are out there, but the guided, safe routine 10-day cleanse outlined by Nourish the Brain Institute.

Number One: Going to the bathroom.  This has got to win first place for the number of comments I heard when discussing the cleanse.  It is not true that being on a specific diet causes one to ‘clear their bowels’ in a rapid, unpredictable, radical way. Do people really do this type of thing to themselves?! My experience was quite neutral in fact, and here is why. The cleanse does not replace all foods with a liquid diet or an extreme increase in any one herb, or element.  I ate a specific vegetarian diet of delicious steamed or stir-fried veggies, which, as you can imagine, really supported regularity!

Number Two:  Hmm. Perhaps the last one should have been listed as number two. Oh well. Let’s talk about feeling hungry.  No one likes that, right? I have never been successful on a restricted diet. Those types of plans fail because they tell our brain that we are suffering, which in turn creates more feelings of hunger, stress, and a sense of urgency to eat more when we finally get the chance to.  This doesn’t happen on the cleanse and here is why. You can eat an entire avocado and a delicious apple any way you want each day. The cleanse also allows you unlimited amounts of cucumber and celery, all throughout the day as well. The high-fiber, vitamins and minerals are digested slowly by your body, allowing you to continue to feel satisfied.  There are also amazing shakes as part of the daily routine. As it turns out, you never go more than a couple of hours without a treat.

Number Three: Fatigue. Won’t I be lacking in energy without all my pasta, bread, and other sources of protein? In short, Not really. Along with the daily plan of veggies, and the shakes, there are protein supplements, tablets, that are taken 2 times a day. Your body is not deprived of anything that it needs to function as it has been designed to. Now hold on, should you go and run a 5K during your cleanse? Should you cleanse in the week of your sister’s wedding? Yeah, don’t do that.  

Number Four:  Mindset. The cleanse is intended to reset your body, back to optimum health.  The process, for me at least, required some thoughtful rest during days 3 and 4.  I had to give myself a pass on stressful events, physical, mental and emotional. The tradeoff of experiencing the first few days of the transition is that I began to think more clearly, sleep better, and experienced an overall euphoria that proved the cleanse was making a difference.  Most of all, by days 7 – 10, the sense of accomplishment was growing rapidly. This even continued well after the cleanse was over, and reason five will help me say more…

Number Five: Weight Loss  Our bodies carry extra weight because we store toxins, fats, and sugars that are introduced into our system.  Through the cleanse, we remove the addition of these unneeded ‘food additives’ and show our body that pure health is possible.  I started losing a pound, maybe a little less, each couple of days. Everyone’s body is going to change in its own way. Here’s the surprising thing though.  After I stopped the cleanse I continued to lose 3 – 4 more pounds over the next month, which I thought was pretty cool!

Do you have specific questions about the NTBI cleanse that I haven’t answered here? 

Send an email to [email protected] or use the form below to submit your question directly to me about the 10-Day Cleanse. I would LOVE to help you understand the process, and help you decide when you want to try it.  By sharing your feedback below, we would like to give you $5.00 off our Online Mini-Course on Food Labels.  What a treat!

I am definitely planning to cleanse again and to repeat about every six months because I simply love its rejuvenating effects.  Do I eat vegetarian, inflammation-free all the time? Absolutely not. I love wine, cheese, burgers and yes, even the occasional bacon. I haven’t craved coffee, cocktails, cookies in quite the same way I did before the cleanse.  You might say, I have begun to retrain my brain. Gemi, of course, can explain all of these radical realizations that I have had, of course! If you haven’t taken advantage of the free consultation, you should really wake up to that.

Are You Thinking About How a Cleanse Would Work in Your Life?

What I believe is that we all should get to eat what we want in life, within limits.  The cleanse is truly a reminder of how we physically and mentally were designed to function, and I take comfort in knowing that I know how to find that place, through the NTBI cleanse.