Fitness Exercises

Regular physical activity helps improve your health and boost immunity and provides oxygen to the muscles. Daily exercise also provides the body with essential nutrients that are important for healthy average growth.

Exercise reduces cholesterol levels and burns calories. As a result of this physical activity, the heart rate and functioning of the lungs improve. Furthermore, regular physical activity lowers your weight and also prevents the body from diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

The exercise makes you fit and energetic for performing the tasks and also it makes you active all the day. In addition, physical activity improves your sleep and reduces issues like anxiety, depression, and dementia.

Physical activity makes it easier for you to manage your professional and personal life, strengthening your mental and physical health.

In this article we’ll share the top 5 fitness exercises that must be a part of your routine life, so keep reading.


Pushups can be performed at home without any equipment because all you have to do is keep your palms on the floor, stretch your legs and align your head and neck with your back. Next, bend the arms slowly and lower your body, push the floor against and straight your arms, returning to the starting point.

This activity will help in keeping the arms and triceps more vigorous. Moreover, this exercise is beneficial for the chest, thighs, and also for abdominal cavity. It isn’t easy to perform more pushups in the beginning. However, it’s easier version is knee push-ups.

Knee push-ups can be performed to make the muscles stronger for exercise, especially the core muscles that support the spine.


Walking is a simple physical activity. It keeps you strong and healthy as it lowers the cholesterol level and burns calories, and gives strength to your bones and tissues. It also controls blood pressure.

You can perform walking either outside your house or using a treadmill at home. Furthermore walking and other daily exercises keep you mentally fit as it sharpens your memory and lowers the risks of memory loss and dementia.

For a good walk, you only require a comfortable and well-fitting pair of shoes. Start with a hike of 10 to 15 minutes and then gradually increase the time until you walk 30 to 60 minutes a day.


Keep your shoulders and chest slightly up for squats, keep the back and hands straight, and then bend your knees like sitting on a chair. While doing squats, make sure that you look straight.

This exercise will help you to tone your thighs, and also it keeps the body in posture. Squatting also helps you to boost digestion and enhance the circulation of blood throughout the body.


In a single leg stand, shift the body weight on one leg and slowly lift the other leg from the floor. Don’t try to lean your body and keep it straight and forward; also, perform this exercise daily for one minute.

This exercise will help you calm and relax the nervous system as well as helps you to fight anxiety and depression. The single-leg stand improves your concentration, flexibility and enhances circulation throughout the nervous system.


The lunges make the mass of leg muscles and improve your legs’ strength to perform the tasks that require only single-leg strength. The working leg should be placed forward and the other leg on the back some distance apart to perform the lunges.

While making lunges, keep the heel of a back leg up and knee on the floor; this helps maintain stability and enhances the strength of the muscles. Moreover, lunges are considered an excellent way to build the mass of leg muscles.


Exercise makes you physically and mentally fit, as well as it boosts the strength of the muscles. Physical activity also reduces diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes type 2.

Physical activity involves walking, push-ups, single-leg stands, and squats, although these exercises increase blood circulation and calm the nervous system.

These 5 fitness exercises can be easily performed at home without using any gymnasium equipment, and they help you burn calories and reduce weight.

I hope this article will help you to keep your fitness routine better. Thanks!