Two of the most common goals people create are to be healthier and be more productive. What if you could kill two birds with one stone? With just a few minor changes to your routine along with steady discipline, you can improve your productivity with fitness at the forefront. Here’s five tips to get you motivated and moving.

Work Out As Soon As You Wake Up

Kimberly Turner Bouldin, the Founder of FAByoulous Fitness, recommends exercising for at least 15-30 minutes every morning. This is enough time to get your blood flowing and give you lasting energy to tackle your daily to-do list.

“My clients were seeing energy differences between when they came to the gym in the morning,” says Bouldin, “this is to make sure that endorphins get a jump start first thing in the morning. When you make working out your first priority, you’re producing hormones within your body that will fuel you throughout the day”. 

Whether running, strength training, particularly cardio, try to continue the workout for at least 30 minutes to get the endorphins going. Ensure to snack before the workout to avoid any possible crash!

Strive For 10,000 Steps Per Day

Those steps you take every day do more than get you from point A to point B. Did you know that walking is the only form of exercise that does more than burn calories and build muscle? According to Jaime Morocco, Founder of Dream Body, Dream Life Academy, walking also reduces stress! It’s no secret that less stress is better for the mind and body.

“I give my clients a step goal to aim for 10000 steps a day. I have found that my clients are more creative and productive when they’re intentional about walking,” Morocco says.

Walking is great because you can do it anytime. With more and more jobs becoming sedentary, it’s more vital than ever that we all get up and move throughout the day. Walking helps circulation, gives you an energy boost and can even help break through those annoying mental blocks. Increasing your daily steps will get your creativity and blood flowing better than ever.


If you’re short on time, listen up. The NEAT method is for people who are on a tight schedule with little wiggle room to go to the gym. Sammi Gregory, the founder of Sammi Gregory Fitness, uses the NEAT method for her time-crunched clients.

“Neat stands for Non-Exercise, Energy, Activity and Thermogenesis. It sounds a bit complicated but in reality, the NEAT method is the easiest and most convenient way to put a little pep in your step,” Gregory explains. “to put it simply, the NEAT method is just putting forth a little extra effort to tend to your daily activities”. 

For example, if you go to the grocery store, make the conscious choice to park further away. If you need to clear snow from your driveway, opt for shoveling it rather than using a snow blower. Take your dog for a walk or play along in a game of fetch. Sweep and mop your floor rather than using a robot vacuum. These simple tasks will give you less time in the gym and more time to be productive.

Fill Your Diet With Fiber

Fiber helps lower cholesterol and rids our bodies of toxins. It balances blood sugar and increases satisfaction from the foods we eat. Boost your immunity with fiber from fruits and vegetables, especially with the skin left on them as they’re packed with the most fiber. 

Personal trainer, Ebony Williams says that increased fiber intake has been shown to reduce common illnesses that often make their way through the workplace. Williams says, “focusing on a balanced diet and increasing fiber intake, my clients are able to lose more weight and focus better while at work”. 

Increase your fiber intake through foods such as lentils, chia seeds, fruits and vegetables (with the skin on, particularly for fruit…enjoy the peel with your apple slices!). We get a boost to our immune system when we consume more fiber and this has been shown to reduce those pesky colds and bugs that tend to float around and make us sick (which decreases productivity, increases absenteeism and reduces our ability to feel our best). 

By staying healthy and feeling our best, we can remain productive and forget about taking sick days from work.

Boost Your Brain With Natural Supplements

Fitness helps to boost cognitive performance, physical well-being. But what can help to supplement extra nutrients is through cognitive enhancing supplements such as Nootropics. Nootropics, especially if naturally made, can help to boost productivity without causing any crash. Founder of Quantum Performance, Neal Thakkar, advocates for the use of natural supplements. 

“When you add these natural supplements to the existing productivity and performance routine you have, it takes everything to the next level!” says Thakkar. “I’ve had my clients on these natural supplements, whether a natural-base nootropics or extra vitamins etc, and it led to significant increase in verbal fluency and focus”.

Nootropics include brain improving ingredients such as omega3’s and flavonoids. However, before considering any form of supplements, Thakkar highly recommends seeking a medical professional to determine the exact supplements that your body needs. 

Thakkar says, “go talk to your doctor first to make sure the supplements you’re considering are the right fit for your body. Try to stick with natural ingredients as much as possible. As well, make sure that the supplement you take doesn’t make you crash… ESPECIALLY if you’re considering nootropics!”. 

Now that you’re equipped with these tips for productivity, there’s only one question left. What are you going to accomplish first?