Parenting can be a thrilling voyage, a lingering nightmare, or both. Parenting in the 21st century has been more complex than any other time in the history of humankind. Most parents are failing in the principal role of their lives: raising their kids. Raising kids in this age is not a walk in the park. It requires commitment and determination. Parents can dodge the Parenting menace in the following ways.


From the onset, let your children know that you love them unconditionally. It does not matter what they do or what happens to them; your love is unconditional. Love is displayed through deeds and speech. Expressing love may include showering them with kind words, providing luxuries such as holidays, and keeping them happy. They are your children, do not hold from entertaining them. They are your foremost treasureKids love attention, give it to them, be there for them. That is how loving is done.

        2. Communication

Communication is a critical tool in parenting. The way you communicate with your kid has a pronounced bearing on who they turn out to be. The importance of communication, especially when dealing with teenagers, cannot be overstated. 

Communication is the crux of successful parenting. How you communicate in your household shapes the worldview and the attitude of your children. Exude confidence, positivity, and delight. The world is bursting its seams with negativity, be the source of positive ambiances. Control your emotions, avoid yelling at your children, and control your fits of fury. Embolden your children to express themselves and give them a listening ear.

        3. Be Firm and Fair

Demonstrate consistency, fairness, and firmness. Do not flip-flop; show constancy on the way you treat your children. Children are very observant would exploit a weakness that you manifest. Apply discipline with a firmness that will restrain them from waywardness. In the same breath reward initiative and responsibility.

        4. Cultivate a Friendship

Walk with your child from the infancy up to adulthood. Be an insider of their struggles, fears, weakness, and strengths. Earn their loyalty and trust. The world is brutal; peers and insensitive adults will crush his or her spirit. You need to be there for them to encourage and validate them.

        5. Be a Role Model

Kids don’t become what you preach to them, but what you show them. You set the bar; you are the standard. If you are pedestrian, you will raise pedestrian children and vice versa.


In a nutshell, parenting does not have to be a headache. It is a wonderful role that requires you to love your kids, get into their shoes, and understand them. Walk with them every step along the way. Become a fortress, a cheerleader, and  a shoulder to lean on. You are the guide, illuminate their path and watch them soar.