Just like that, the coronavirus has completely changed the way we enjoy our lives and limited the list of places we can visit to have a good time.

But, it doesn’t completely cut out all the fun activities – there’s still a lot of activities you can engage in, alone or with your loved ones to spice up the moment and have a fantastic time.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of 5 fun activities you can do to get the most out of this uncertain time.

1. Stretch Out Those Muscles By Doing Yoga

Being confined to a particular space for some time increases stress rate and anxiety. 

Starting the day with Yoga helps to keep the body fit and the mind; sharp. It also offers other benefits like relieving anxiety, decreasing stress, and enhancing sleep quality.

There are several Yoga lessons you can try as a beginner to stay in top shape during this period.

2. Play Board and Card Games

We can all agree that the good old board and card games can’t easily be replaced, for those who’ve had the experience of playing and enjoying the beautiful game.

As everything is going online these days, so are board and card games. Even though you can now play them online, the experience is never the same as when you have the board across the table or the card in your hands.

Playing physical board and card games help you maintain the social elements of the game and all the physicality that comes with it.

Go dig out your old board games, dust it and see if you can top your family at Trivial Pursuit, or even stage an epic game of Monopoly or Risk.

3. Go Outside For A Walk

Science-back evidence shows walking reduces stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic – spending time in nature comes with this soothing and warm feeling every time.

In most cases, you’re allowed to leave your home while practicing social distancing.

Walking is the easiest form of exercise that you can do. It is also an exercise that costs nothing and has a smaller risk of injury. 

According to health experts, walking is an exercise that greatly benefits the heart, muscles, joints, bones, body metabolism, body weight, and mind. For those who are lazy to exercise, walking is the best solution to keep the body healthy.

It’s important to avoid large groups of people and stay at least six feet away from others to reduce the chances of close contact.

4. Plan A Trip To A National Park Near You

Amidst all the trouble going on in the world right now, breaking free from the usual indoor routine and going out to catch a breath of fresh air can easily switch the mood for you – national parks are there to make it happen.

Not sure what park to visit?

You can find a list of national parks across the country and choose one near your location.

Outdoor activities pose a lower risk of spreading the virus than indoor activities do because it allows plenty of space between you and others.

There are a lot of activities you can do 

  • Rolling boats
  • Play with the dog
  • Picnic
  • Host the family
  • Jogging and running
  • Hiking

5. Watch a Movie at Home

While movie theatres may be closed, the one at home is not affected. A lot of people love going to the theatre picking up a soda and a bag of popcorn to crunch while the movie is reeling on.

While this is a good experience, it’s one you can easily replicate at home from the comfort of your couch – you can sit in front of your TV with some fresh homemade popcorn and a soda to relish the moment while the movie plays on – If your dog loves to enjoy the moment, you can have them sit next to you.

Watching a movie at home means you don’t have to miss a scene anytime you take a forced trip to the bathroom – you can always pause and play anytime you want.