The global pandemic has created a tough situation for everyone, the new beginning that is trying to make the ends meet can never be the same situation for anyone.

The world is shifting towards a new tangent and a tough battle of survival awaits everyone. We can also contribute a little towards the world by being optimistic. Here are 5 things you can focus upon and consider making best use of your quarantine time –

1 – Loosing Weight – Always worried about those additional inches? Then now is the perfect time to consider loosing those. Start taking smaller steps to reach your destination.

2 – Cooking – Well, during this time a lot of us have been deprived of food that can satiate our taste-buds. Give it a thought, you are the best person to know your taste and choices! Thus, this is a good reason to consider cooking for yourself.

P.S – Google and you can get the recipes of almost all your favourite dishes.

3 – Exercising – A lot of us follow a sedentary lifestyle, and due to hectic working schedule, we often give our health a toll for itself. But this is the best time to consider small steps towards a ‘healthy you’, and motivate others also. For the initial beginning you can follow You-Tube videos available on the internet and keep yourself motivated by following the weight-loss journey of others. They say it correctly, “smaller steps adds to bigger goals”.

4 – Music and Movies – Even writing about this is complete savage! There is a lot of content available on internet these days where you can watch a movie daily and still the list will be endless.

5 – Meditation – Last but not the least, during the tough time of crisis, we are bound to be sorrounded by the unwanted thoughts. We need to stand in solidarity and become a pillar of strength for everyone thus meditation can calm those nerves that are already feeling tired.

We have been given a time to pause, and re-think about the pattern of our current life, give a shape and direction towards our future; thus we have been living in an individualistic society of excess. Let us shift our focus from materialistic to minimalism and consider having quality of life based achieved with basic efforts.