Most of us may have lingering issues that keep us up at night, prevent us from being present or inhibit us from even acknowledging our blessings. Often times, it is our bad habits that cause us to repeat some of our mistakes adding to the overall decline in the quality of our life. Dropping these bad habits allows us to end the cycle of repetitive negative behavior and enables us to start building “healthy addictions.” Below, I have summarized five top habits that may want to drop and that may be causing you to be unhappy.

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1.    You’re not social

People think introverts like being secluded; however, even they need someone they can confide in.

Having conversations with others is much better than having them with yourself. Our brains tend to overemphasize trivial matters with excessive thinking. Talking to others is one of the best ways to mitigate stress.

Humans, by nature, are social animals. While we may convince ourselves otherwise, we can’t change what’s in our DNA. Try talking to people more often. Share your problems with others and listen to what’s bothering them.

2.    You don’t sleep enough

Staying awake late at night binge-watching shows, scrolling through social media, or browsing videos on YouTube. Keeping your energy artificially up during the day through caffeine. If this is you, then you can stop wondering why you’re unhappy.

Studies have shown that the brain acts up emotionally when it isn’t well-rested. Loading up on coffee during the day contributes to keeping you awake at night. Cut down on your caffeine intake, get plenty of rest, and save your binge sessions for the weekends.

I replaced some of my negative addictions, i.e. binge watching TV or working too long of hours with other positive ones like running (pictured here). Now, I run at least 1 hour a day to reduce anxiety and increase energy. I have also reduced the work load at my agency, and tried to increase my personal time that resulted in greater productivity.

3.    You think others have it better

Social websites often portray the best moments of a person’s life. People checking their feed often compare their own lives with them, which leads to disappointment and self-pity. But all that glitz and glamor is a front. Those people—apparently living the dream—also have dark days. They just choose not to share them.

You’re not the only one with issues. Everyone has their demons and is putting on a smiling face to hide them. That’s why physically interacting with people can help you with your gloom. Knowing that everyone is in the same boat as you is always a comforting thought.

4.    You’re letting your addictions control you

“We’re all addicted to something that takes away the pain”

This popular social media quote seems like a justification of your addictive habits. Although it sounds true, it isn’t an excuse to stay addicted.

More often than not, your addiction is a prime source of your misery. Be it alcohol, drugs, pornography, or other such activities; they only worsen your mental health in the long run. Most of us don’t realize that and let our addictions take hold of us.

5.    You have an unhealthy lifestyle

Your body and mind have a powerful connection. If one of them is upset, the other will feel its effects. If you have an unhealthy body, your mind will feel the same. That’s why a proven tip to improve your mood is to do what makes your body happy.

Staying active, eating healthy, getting sunlight, and spending time outdoors can have significant positive effects on your body and mind. Make time for these in your daily routine and you’ll start feeling better in no time.