happy at work

I was done, meditating about quitting the job that I thought it was one of my dreams just a few years ago.

How was it even possible?

I just couldn’t think clearly, as days passed by, and I felt out of control.

That’s when a good friend of mine suggested me to switch my perspective and focus on a few powerful habits that changed everything for me.

Should you quit your job? Maybe. But first, try the following!

1. Sleep More!

I can’t stress enough about how important improving my sleeping routine was for me.

I started to set a bedtime that worked well for me at 11 pm and woke up at the same time each day.

While it was likely the most challenging habit to implement among the others, and I kept procrastinating the first days, it soon became second nature.

Using a sleep tracker like Oura Ring was also crucial for me to get direct feedback on how I was doing and what factors I couldn’t have perfected.

2. Eat Healthy, No Matter What

I considered myself a healthy eater already before starting this self-improvement challenge.

However, when speaking with a coach, I realized how often I was not careful about my health.

When it comes to nutrition, small things matter.

I started to become more conscious about all the time I was drinking a soda or a drink just because my friends were doing it.

Most importantly, I realized that I was often indulging in high-sugar and unhealthy food over my lunch break.

Meal prep the night before with my partner was a game-changer, and it even helped me save about $100 the first month! However, I recently started using only meal replacement shakes recently.

There are meal replacement shakes for every taste and need. I personally love Ample because it’s excellent for weight gain (they also have a vegan option). You can find countless choices with high-quality ingredients that taste amazing!

I love them not only because they help me save time, but because of the variety of choices and the perfect balance of nutrients that are hard to get with meal prep.

Overall, by just implement this, I started to feel way more energetic over the first days.

3. Meditation

I can’t say enough good things about meditation. It’s not only a scientifically-backed practice but also an incredible tool to relieve stress and to get to know yourself better.

In the first week of meditation, I realized how much was going on in my head that I wasn’t even aware of. I subconsciously knew I was stressing myself too much about the new project at work, but it wasn’t until I consciously realized it through meditation that I started to actively get more time off, which at the end of the day helped me do a better job.

4. Exercise. Seriously.

I know it sounds cliché, but I soon realized that when I don’t exercise for more than a week, my energy level goes downhill.

Not only my energy but also my general emotional state suffers. I’m usually more nervous and have less willpower, which affects both my personal and work life.

Exercise often and take it seriously.

5. Gratitude Is the Key

Listing 3 things I’m grateful for each morning (and night sometimes) it’s the most uncomplicated and most potent habit among the ones listed in this post.

It’s incredible how effective it can be to lift your mood and enjoy more happiness simply by realizing how much you have already.

How often we’re focused on what we want, instead of what we have. Practicing gratitude is the cure for this.

5. Take It Easy.

After the first month, I realized that it’s okay to fail, as long as you’re taking steps towards your self-improvement.

I was initially beating myself up too much because I skipped a workout day or went to sleep too late.

It’s all a process, not an event. A life-long process.