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Sometimes work is all fun and games!

Throw a Vinyl Themed Party

Running a company can be hard and many business owners buckle under the stress. It can be really stressful for employees as well; and oftentimes, it’s a good idea to plan something that will relieve that stress to get everyone up and raring to go once again. One surefire way to to this is by hosting a themed company event. It will give your employees and yourself a creative outlet in which to unwind. With that being said, read on below for a few ideas to help you get started.

No matter which era you throw this event in, a suitcase vinyl player will set the mood up for fun and success. Have everyone dress as their favorite singer from whatever era you choose and then challenge them to bring vinyl by that band. You’ll have a dance party for sure with this themed event!

Throw a Casino Night

Throwing a casino night for your team is the perfect way to blow off steam and relieve pent up stress. Bring in some tables, some chips, a few decks of cards, and then assign some of your team to be the dealers to create a night at the casino that your team won’t soon forget. Don’t forget to provide the drinks and the snacks as well, for a great time to be had by all.

Kids Party for Adults Theme

There are very few adults out there that don’t miss the carefree days of childhood. From walls of balloons to laser tag, and from mini golf to clowns that put on a show, there is nothing like a kid’s party for adults to make sure everyone has a good time and is ready to get back to work stress-free on Monday morning.

Murder Mystery Themed Event

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? The great thing is that you can pick a decade to have your employees dress from, then start your murder mystery based around that era. They will have a grand old time having a themed dinner together and then trying to solve the mystery of who was murdered during the event. Make sure to plan out your clues ahead of time and be sure to offer a grand prize for the winner, just to sweeten the pot, so to speak.

Escape Room Themed Event

Escape rooms have become wildly popular over the last few years and more and more companies are using them as themed events. Whether you have a horror room or just something simple with clues, an escape room is a great way to use critical thinking and work as a team.

Next time you’re looking for something to help relieve the stress and get your employees motivated at work, try a themed event to get the juices flowing. From escape rooms to casino nights, there is nothing that relieves stress better than having a good time as a team. These are sure to create memories for years to come!