1.Face masks

You can pop on a face mask for 10 minutes and you can feel refreshed. There are many types of masks you can experiment with. From sheet masks to clay, find something that suits your skin type. If you are feeling experimental, you can make them at home. If you search for recipes online, you can find something for your skin type and with the ingredients you have at home. One of my favourites is yogurt, turmeric and honey which is refreshing.

2. Foot soaks

If you don’t have a bath tub at home or if you don’t want the mess of one, you can create a foot soak. You can customise as much as you would like. You can just add bubble bath and warm water to a large pot and sit for half hour. Or you can go all out, get those Epsom salts, some warm milk, essential oils and rose petals. Create that mini spa moment at home!

3. Scents

Create an aromatic environment and transport you to another world. You can use incense sticks, candles, oil burners and my new favourite bakhoor. The beautiful scents can transform your room or home and make you feel relaxed. Find scents which suit your mood or something that gives you good memories.

4. Watch something uplifting

The news is important, however we also need to fuel our minds with uplifting information. Find something which makes you happy, whether it is a comedy or a romantic movie or TV show. Find something which makes you feel good. I have been watch a lot of romantic Kdramas which make me feel good inside, if you need recommendations, I might create a separate post on this!

5. Coffee

Caffeine or no caffeine? I love my coffee and all types of it. Making a decent cup of coffee, whether it is a cold brew, espresso or milky cup is one of the best parts of the day. You can do this at home too or splurge from outside. Add in your flavoured syrup and anything else to your taste. Maybe stretch to a biscuit or cookie. If you’re not a coffee person, a nice cup of tea or even a glass of juice. Sitting for few moments and having a drink without distracts is definitely self-care!