According to the Statista report, more than 76% of responding adults stated that they started to use social media, e-mail, and messaging services to communicate with others more. Switching to online communication motivated brands to create online communities that can benefit both loyal customers and businesses themselves.

At StudyFree we’re also applying a community-driven approach, developing a community of Peer Mentors, students, and young professionals who have already studied abroad or who’re studying abroad now. We have more than 300 mentors from 30 countries who are ready to contribute to our community and help other students realize their potential together with StudyFree. 

Based on our experience, I decided to share 5 insights that will demonstrate why people will be ready to promote your brand through the community. 

  • Become a part of a meaningful mission

If your company has a clear vision, ambitious goals, and strives to make an impact, it most definitely attracts like-minded people who would like to be a part of such a significant business journey. People will share your values and will be ready to contribute to promoting your brand in the pursuit of meaningful results. 

For instance, at StudyFree we gathered people who have already gained educational experience abroad. They know how challenging and sometimes frustrating applying to a university abroad is. That’s why they’d like to share their real experience, motivate students who are only starting their preparation process, and help more people reach their dreams abroad. 

  • Be surrounded by like-minded people

Communication and interaction with other people is a human instinct.  Especially, when you interact with people who love the same things and have also gone through a similar experience, it gives you more value and creates a  much deeper connection. 

When we’re talking about the business, community members are also connected by a similar experience. However, they will see the need to share it with a wider audience. As a result, they will talk more about the company outside of the community. 

  •  Gain value from active participation

You should understand what value you can give to people who’re involved in your community. From networking opportunities to career workshops, you can organize activities that will keep your community motivated and engaged. People will tell more people about the benefits that your community can provide. As a result, it will attract more members to your community, foster loyalty, and make your company stand out. 

  • Become a brand ambassador 

The community consists of loyal people who’re eager to become your brand ambassadors. They share your company’s values and support you throughout the business journey. Hence, your community members start sharing their experiences, telling about the community and business itself. If the community is well-managed, it will continue to create positivity around your brand and your followers are more likely to spread the word further than their community. As a result, word-of-mouth becomes an effective way to increase brand awareness and attract a loyal audience. People trust a friend’s recommendation rather than paid advertising. 

  • Become your company’s support group

Your community members are an essential part of your company’s development that has a lot of insights. As loyal people, they will be ready to provide feedback, share their interests and tell you how your business can be improved. In this case, your community will become not only your word of mouth but also a source of valuable insights that will help your business grow. 

Community is more than a group of people, it’s a spiritual connection between like-minded individuals who share your company’s values and are eager to support your brand and move it forward. If you manage to build it in a structured and engaging way, both participants and your business will thrive and grow.