The Dynamics of Achieving what you want

Here’s something to think about: What shapes our success? Why are some people more successful than others? What can someone do to turn things around if he/she isn’t doing too well? Whether you actively think of questions such as these or not, I know that our achievements make us feel happy and fulfilled, more confident in our capabilities and inspire us to grow and do more. 

Having said that, there is often a gap in the results that we aspire to, and the results that we actually achieve. Most of us would have experienced that gap at some point, some do so more often. If this is something that you can relate to, this article might help. We look at 5 key factors that help you become a high achiever in any area of your life.

Factor 1: Desire

As the saying goes, “Desire is the starting point of every achievement”. Whatever we achieve, we’ve got to WANT to achieve it. Even if things are all setup and laid out for us, nothing happens till we want to do things and get the results the want. Being clear on our purpose, by understanding the importance of doing something, even reflecting on whether this is something we want to do helps us connect with our desire of doing anything. 

When we have a desire, we develop intent of achieving something. That makes us hungry for success. Our hunger for success can be a huge motivating factor and drive us to achieve what we want. And here’s the thing- when we work towards we really want, and when we achieve those results, the feeling of fulfilment can be priceless! 

When you work on something, how hungry are you for success in that area?

Factor 2: Belief

Roger Federer (the great tennis player) said after winning his 8th Wimbledon title- “Belief can carry you very very far in life. Always believe in yourself.” Very true and profound words from a champion player. Very often, our belief in ourselves, or lack of it can make a difference in achieving what we want. 

Too often, we hold ourselves back because of our self-doubt and negative self-talk, questioning ourselves and finding every reason possible to reinforce that negative belief. High achievers believe in themselves, and are willing to back themselves in any situation they are in. As the popular saying goes “Whether you think you can or cannot, either ways you are right?” 

How strongly do you believe in yourself? What do you tell yourself when working on anything- does that have an empowering effect on you?

Factor 3: Focus

Has it ever happened to you that you are thinking of something or someone, and it just shows up? For example, you might be thinking of a blue car while on the road, or thinking of a friend with whom you haven’t spoken for a while. 

What we focus on, becomes our reality. It could be focus in terms of thoughts, time and energy. Too many times, we tend to focus on things that could go wrong, or we focus on things that don’t serve us in terms of what we are working on. Have you ever experienced moments like these, and how have your results been? 

When we are mindful of what we focus on, it can help us focus on possibilities. It can also help us be more present to what we are working on, so we can give it our undivided attention, and be more productive.

Factor 4: Commitment

Commitment is our willingness to see things through, take ownership of things. Regardless of how easy or difficult our circumstances are. Successful people are committed to their results, and are willing to do what it takes to achieve those. 

There is a key distinction between being interested and committed. Interested means “I’ll do it when the time and conditions are right”. Committed means “I’ll do it”. And this is unconditional. People usually fall into the trap of being interested as against being committed. When things becomes difficult or challenging, they drop the ball and let go, instead of rolling up their sleeves and making things work. The extent to which we are committed, drives our success. 

When we are committed, we tend to keep our promises. We become more reliable and trustworthy. And that makes us highly valuable in our workplace, community, social circle as well as family. What level of commitment do you show for things that you work on, how well do you follow through?

Factor 5: Actions 

Last but not the least, actions speak louder than words. The best laid plans come to nought if we don’t action them. Without our actions, nothing gets implemented, nothing gets done. We would have come across several examples of people who are highly successful in life because they have been great action takers. 

Taking action is a great thing because when we do so, we get feedback- whether things have worked or not. Also, when we lack of clarity on what needs to be done, it’s the simplest of actions that can move us forward. Because actions give us clarity. It empowers us to move forward, step by step. The more we do, the more we learn, the more we achieve. 

How big are you on taking actions? How are your results when you take action? How are your results in scenarios where you don’t take action?

To conclude

You would most likely be familiar with each of the above factors. The purpose of sharing these is to help you reflect on the areas of life where you want to improve your results. Ask yourself- Are any of the factors missing, which may be affecting your results? Remember- As you show the hunger, believe in yourself, focus on what you want, show unwavering commitment, and take actions, you find yourself achieving more success in any area of your life. On that note, here’s to your success!