Productive days are dependent on restful nights, but in our endless quests for success, sleep is hastily traded in for a few extra waking hours. Ironically, this costly barter chips away at our health and longevity, stripping us of the necessary tools to succeed. Here are 5 reasons to make quality sleep a top priority.

5 Reasons Why Good Sleep Will Transform Your Life

1. Poor sleep is linked to weight gain: People who tend to sleep less than what their body needs per night have a harder time losing weight and keeping the weight off. The body releases natural hormones during sleep, which aid in the breakdown of glucose and the body’s ability to burn fat.

2. Well-rested individuals have fewer cravings: By day, studies have shown that individuals who are well-rested are less susceptible to overeating and food cravings that include salty, sweet, and fattening snacks. Since sleep deprivation disrupts daily fluctuations in appetite hormones, the same problem of weight gain during the night can manifest itself during the day, too.

3. Good sleep improves concentration: Have you ever attempted to operate a moving vehicle after pulling an all-nighter? It nearly feels like you are driving while intoxicated. That’s because sleep deprivation can impact your cognition, concentration, productivity, and overall performance the next day. When you make time to sleep, you will demonstrate improved problem-solving skills and enhanced memory recall.

4. Rested bodies exhibit stronger physical performance: Lace up those sneakers! Sleep has been shown to enhance athletic performance. When we wake up exhausted, we are less likely to apply ourselves in a physical sense, whether it be exercise or typical daily tasks.

5. Sleep deprivation can cause premature death: Low sleep quality and duration create a greater risk of heart disease and stroke. In one study, it was shown that individuals who do not get 7-8 hours of sleep per night were at a higher risk of stroke. Your body needs time to heal and restore itself.

Invest in Your Sleep

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