We create blocks that hold us back from receiving that which we desire. Ultimately, we can look for stuff on the “outside” to change the trajectory of our businesses all day long – but most of the time where we need to search is inside. Limiting beliefs are tricky. They can disguise themselves, bury themselves, and secretly sabotage our efforts (without us even knowing.)

1. Fear of sales/confrontation

You may feel like you’re killin’ it in your biz, loving everything you do …. but deep inside fearing the confrontation that comes from people reaching out (or you having to reach out) and close a sale. We as humans do not like confrontation & confrontation IS sales. If this is your block, examine your conscious and subconscious belief systems…. when facing a sales call or a confrontational conversation, is there something in your gut saying, “ew, ouch, I don’t like this, run away!!”? Ultimately, if your subconscious is doing this, then your conscious brain cannot bring these sales/desires/rewards into your reality. You need to get over this fear & the way you do that is by researching, learning, and consuming anything and everything you can get your hands on about sales. Practice sales, journal about it, and sell yourself on your service so hard that you have an unwavering confidence about you & you can sell with ease.

2.Thinking that success = no time for family or pleasure

This was a limiting belief that I had to work through when I first launched my coaching business. Deep, deep down I feared a sold-out practice and equated that with 8-10 hour work days, a jam-packed schedule, and being chained to my desk. If you own your own business and you have this mental block, do you honestly believe that you will bring in a bounty of new clients consistently?? NO! Because your subconscious mind is constantly reaffirming the fact that having a ton of clients = horrible! A bad idea! Too busy! If you don’t take the time to acknowledge and get rid of this limiting belief, you will never appeal to clients, but instead repel them and sabotage yourself. You may want the money or the success or to make an impact, but deep down you’re going to repel it ALL if you don’t clear this thought pattern up. Instead, affirm success on your own terms with this belief: Success gets to be the balance that I desire!! I get to decide. I hold the power.

3. Bad thoughts about money

(even though we want to receive it.) These are some of the things a lot of us say/think:

-I don’t deserve it

-People will judge me if I have it

-There’s never enough.

-Money is the root of all evil.

-I don’t want to pay the high taxes that come along with a high income.

“Money is NOT the root of all evil, but the greed inside of the hearts of the people that contain it.” –Sara Smith

Everything is an energy. If you’re putting these thoughts out there—what do you think you’re going to draw back in? Positivity and unicorn rainbows? No money. No money is what you’re drawing back in because you aren’t showing any positivity towards money so why would it show positivity toward you? You must have a relationship with money—connect your energy with its energy. The way we can combat negativity toward money is by spending money (that we have, obviously). Follow your gut and intuition with purchases and be willing to circulate your abundance! Spending money and putting positive energy out into the universe helps it circulate into the economy, other people’s lives, and DOUBLE back into your life as money.

4. Fear of Failure.

We block ourselves from success because we fear failure. Fearing failure looks like fearing a bold business move that might ruin your reputation or a launch plan LACED with thoughts of it not working out.

Welcome it all. Welcome fear. You are not going to reach the top without lots of losing. If you are not on the street that has lots of failure, then you are not on the road to success. If you look at any successful person (whether they got there quickly, or it took a long time) there was lots of failing involved and lots of falling down (but getting back up) and trying over and over and over.

5. Fear of Overwhelm

There are ways to organize your mind and time and business to reduce overwhelm and simplify down – it is your job to act and do those things. I have a free mini course on my website called Tidying Up Your Mind & Biz – If this one’s you – you need to go hop in! Everyone has the same amount of time. Do you think someone that is working hard and owns a multi-million-dollar business is afraid that they’re going to take on too much? Grant Cardone teaches entrepreneurs to say yes to EVERY opportunity until their business is to the level of success that they desire it to be!

So ask yourself, “What do I fear or dread about being successful/having money/making it to the top?” We all have blocks and limiting beliefs and once we identify them and acknowledge they’re there—we can “get rid” of them. When we bring attention to the bad, we give space for the bad to replicate and to become more abundant in our lives; but if we bring attention to the bad for the sake of healing and then we get rid of it/cut the tie – then we END IT. You can do this with blocks, limiting beliefs, fears, relationships, whatever is not serving you.

90% of the time things aren’t going your way, it’s because of a limiting belief that is inside of YOU—so what is holding YOU back?