Healthcare burnout

Healthcare industry is one sector, which is believed to undergo great challenges every minute of the day, in order to prevent the most imperative asset alive, that is human life. The efforts put by the doctors, nurses, researchers, pathologists, ward boys, ambulance drivers and every single person associated with the medical fraternity, is simply commendable. All these words can be seen put into practice, even in the present situation of the coronavirus pandemic breakdown. Though every ordinary being like us is sitting at home and himself from the deadly attack of the virus, there are people who are fighting off the disease at the forefront, just like warriors. They are the doctors, nurses and the entire medical fraternity of the world. No gratitude in words can simply be enough to pay homage to the continuous hard work they are putting to keep us alive. 

Moreover, healthcare is a field, which is known to be facing stressful conditions throughout the phase of their work life. Their field is such that it does not relieve the bearer from stress in any of the conditions. Thus, they are always in a state of pressure both from the working end and personal life. Following is the detail of 5 such reasons, which lead to the burnout of the healthcare sector.

Extensively burdened lifestyle: Healthcare is a profession, which works round the clock, it does not limit the person to any timings. In fact, in some cases, like the present one of coronavirus, doctors or nurses are working continuously for days, even without taking a break. This results in putting extra burden not only on the physical health of the person, but there is also great pressure on the mental health of the professionals. 

Family responsibilities: In addition to the responsibilities of work, healthcare people also have to suit the needs of their families. However, the problem arises when due to the extra pressure of work, they are not able to devote time to their families and have quarrelled situations at home. In fact. Many doctors have very unstable family lives because of the stress of work or in other cases, they look for life partners who are in the same profession.

Health issues: This is something, which can not be stopped, as the doctors have to go through such hectic work life. In fact, in many of the cases, the personal health of the medical fraternity go unattended because of the time issues. It is a saddening fact that medical practitioners are themselves not able to give time to their bodies, due to which they face extreme health issues at the older stages of their life.

Heightened stress problems: The work pressure that gets created around the doctors and the other medical personnel is beyond explanation. Not only they have to work round the clock, but they also have to make sure that every task they do is carried out with utter efficiency. If we take the example of the present scenario, the case of COVID 19 has put the doctors on a continuous task, where they do not have time to breathe, forget about sleeping. Also, many countries have a shortage of professional medical help throughout the year, due to which the ones who are there have added responsibility, every single day and night. All this together results in putting added stress on the minds of the workers and they face a situation of burnout. 

Unpleasant working conditions: The conditions that doctors have to survive through are certainly blood-soaked, which is not possible for every human being to encounter. This is the reason that most of the doctors are unable to sleep at night and another sad reality is that they have to depend on medicines to calm their mind and put them to sleep. This is something very troublesome and can put adverse effects on the health of the people undergoing such circumstances at work. 

All the above-mentioned reasons, together put a lot of pressure on the minds of the healthcare professionals, due to which they face difficulties in giving their per cent at work.