Meditation has always been a practice that teaches you to connect your mind with your body and allows you to reach a state of calm and stillness in the present moment. This practice has become apart of everyday life for many that range between yogis to CEOs. Here’s an easy guide to help you find the style that fits you best. 

Kundalini Meditation is a meditation style that involves the art of yoga poses in order to extend the energy from your spine all the way to your mind. Not only is yoga a very good workout, it allows your relax and find peace within your life. Very specific breaths and movements will help you disengage from the world and focus on your mind. If you’ve been feeling tense during your workouts, switch one of your classes with yoga to help relieve some stress. 

Qigong Meditation is a meditation style that is rooted in martial arts and chinese medicine. The main purpose of this practice is to focus on your posture and breath in order to gain full bodily control, which allows the energy flow to increase throughout your body. If you love to workout, this is the perfect type of meditation for you. 

Vipassana Meditation (Mindfulness Meditation) is a very common form that many practice. The purpose is to not engage in the thoughts that come to your mind, but to be present in the moment by understanding and observing these thoughts. The whole idea of this meditation style is to become aware of your thoughts and how they affect your life. 

Loving-Kindness Meditation involves sitting your eyes closed and understanding how to rid yourself of any self-doubt. After you are able to cultivate a personal unconditional love, you will be able to wish love to everyone around you. This is a hard practice to perfect, but finding the ability to truly love yourself will not only radiate positivity within yourself, but wherever you go. 

Concentration Meditation focuses on a specific word, mantra, breathing or candle flame. During this practice the goal is to be able to keep concentration on this one thing alone and bring your mind back once it starts to wander on different things. After you free your mind of outside thoughts or distractions, you will be able to reach a state of pure, calm and carefree bliss. 

Each style of meditation has the ability to benefit many different types of people. Try each one out till you find the perfect style for you. Those who meditate are able to live a more calm and collective life, bringing themselves peace whenever they desire it.