Everyone comes across points in their lives where they feel completely spent. This could be due to either mental or physical tiredness, or a combination of both. While physical fatigue seems simple enough to overcome, tackling mental exhaustion may not be so straightforward.

The two kinds of exhaustion can combine to sap our energy and make us feel increasingly tired. I wanted to combine my top 5 tips that helped me keep my energy elevated and combat exhaustion. If you wish to read more about my work, please check out my website (influencer marketing agency) and my Instagram account.

1.    Restructuring our meal plans

Food is our fuel. Just like a clean, high-quality fuel can make our cars run better; a healthy, nutritious meal helps our bodies and minds work efficiently. We should be mindful that what we eat can ease or worsen our fatigue levels.

Eating well-balanced meals consisting of natural and unrefined foods can help reduce fatigue and exhaustion. Conversely, splurging on processed products, alcohol, caffeine, and junk food can make us lazy and contributes to our overall fatigue.

2.    Taking quality sleep

Studies show that about a third of American adults aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. It goes without saying how important quality sleep is for our minds and bodies. Sleeping rids our brains of waste and helps us recover from physical exhaustion.

To ensure a good sleep, not only should we try sleeping for at least 7 hours, but also ensure the sleep we get is of high quality. This will cut down on our sleep deficit, making us ready to take the challenges of the day head-on.

3.    Practicing meditation

Numerous studies have been conducted on the scientific benefits of meditation. Most of them have proven meditation to be a surefire way to combat stress and mental exhaustion. Meditation also improves our emotional health, attention span, memory, and self-awareness.

Studies have shown that just one session of meditation can significantly reduce anxiety and stress. Meditation techniques like doing yoga, breathing exercises, spending time in nature, and self-reflection can all make us feel revitalized and recharged.

4.    Taking a break

Humans are different from machines in that they need a break from work every once in a while. This break can be in the form of a vacation or a retreat to a relaxing and work-free environment. According to recent stats from US Travel Association, avoiding burnout is the number one reason why Americans feel the need to travel.

Some of us can’t afford the time or money required for a long break, in which case a trip to the cinema or attending a concert would do just fine.

I love taking a break and walking around my neighborhood even for 10 minutes.

5.    Investing time in exercising

This might sound counterproductive. How can exercise give us energy when it makes us even more tired? The truth is, exercise is a proven antidote for mental and physical exhaustion. Exercise increases our resilience and stamina over time. This can improve our threshold of how much work we can handle in one spell. Exercise gives us controlled exhaustion which, upon recovery, can help us handle our routine fatigue in a much better way