1. “Mind over matter” is more than an old saying—it’s everything. From a desire to challenge oneself to having passion to help others, the way one tends to their mind is everything.

To truly be alive and thrive in business—and to keep going day after day—mindset is key.

It’s also the toughest aspect to master year after year.

Many workers suffer through the day at a job they’re not truly invested in. They spend their lives waiting for something worthwhile or better to come along where they can invest all their energy. They may dream of starting a business—any business—just to get a feel for the life. Or, they may take a shot at a higher rank or title. Either way, there is a specific balance to the right mindset that is going to make the opportunity a career, and make that career successful. With that comes wealth and the satisfaction of potential fulfilled.

Building a business—whether it’s a franchise out of the home or a brick and mortar storefront—takes years of long days that many professionals aren’t built for. An entrepreneur’s “Why” drives them forward. Those new to business or unsure of why to forge ahead can download a free checklist, “Define Your Why.” It gets to the heart of why individuals start a business. It will walk through priorities, present things to ponder, and provide space for journaling.

2.There is no gain or worth without the expansion of knowledge and development of the self.

One of my favorite books on wealth mindset is “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by “T. Harv Eker. In this, he notes: “The first element of change is awareness. You can’t change something unless you know it exists.”

Whether on the verge of a breakthrough or attempting to avoid burnout, leaders are challenged to continue increasing their knowledge. People need constant challenges to make them value their progress and expand their career. This means that professionals welcome constant learning experiences rather than settle for avoiding struggle. The development of the self is built on being a “lifelong learner” and expecting adventure to arise where there might not seem to be any.

3. No one blossoms without craving the freedom to work on their own terms.

Once they move past the training, certification, and establishment of the company, they have to not only grow, but carve out their own niche. This means being able to take charge and become distinguished as a brand or business model. Full self-awareness and actualization can only come with the freedom to create and deliver self-demanded and generated outcomes—whatever they may be. And that freedom also means the ability to change approaches along the way—and learn from them.

4. The results benefit everyone involved.

Putting the company and self first should be a no-brainer. But as the head of the company, there has to be a personal and indispensable part of the business that’s driven from the founder. Sacrificing for the company shouldn’t always mean taking a hit. Short-term results may not benefit in any noticeable way, but those long-term results should be a culmination of that which is best for the business and the professionals who care for it like a finely tuned instrument, even if it takes a while.


The desire to help others—and take care of the top brass—can happen at the same time.

Let’s be real—the character of the company lies with the managers and the work they do. Without them, there is no brand. At the beginning and the end of the day, it’s leaders who make it happen, and their desire to help others within the company will translate into a stronger brand and resolve. If the focus of the business is on serving the public in some way, then the impact of hard work and success can be mutually beneficial to all involved.

5. Personal fulfillment can only come through achievement—and the realization of the steps needed for that wealth.

Many workers never become entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs never see the success they hope for and admire in others. And many successful networkers rest on their laurels when they could be pushing for the achievement beyond their current level.

Whether that professional is at a crossroads or just starting a new venture, the final step to any “best laid plan” must include freedom and personal benefit. Without these, the business will fade away without confronting the lack of achievement that was coming in the first place. That freedom can be supported by a strong network, and that benefit will show itself in every step towards confidence and fulfillment.

That mindset—and the characteristics that drive it—will carry the network and professionals involved past and onward towards newer chapters and more abundant wealth.