Entrepreneur and industry influencer Dr. Glenn Vo has been helping other medical professionals grow their businesses and connect with the right people for years. Passionate about helping others, he recently gave a webinar advising on how to do business with healthcare professionals.

Look the part 

“One of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not understanding who their target audience is,” explains Dr. Vo. “For example, I’m a dentist who went to school for eight years. During that time I had to display a level of professionalism. I had to be on time for my interviews. I had to be on time to take my tests. I had to look a certain way.” “I germ people telling me they want to help me make more money. Double my patient flow. Keep my chairs full. But if you come to me and don’t look the part, I’m going to automatically dismiss you.

Look the part (online) 

These days, your social media profiles are basically an electronic business card. They say more about you than you think, and can undermine your professional reputation if you’re not careful about how you present yourself. “If you’re pitching over social media, the first thing the other person is going to do is click on your profile,” explains Dr. Vo. ”If you say that you can help make me money but it looks like you’re still living in your mom’s basement, or if you’re wearing a sports jersey partying with your friends in Cabo, then I’m not going to believe you. You lose all credibility. It’s just like if you meet someone at a networking event and you look sloppy. ”


This is a simple rule that applies to all fields, but it is more significant in the field of healthcare. “If you’re going to meet someone, make sure you’re on time, especially with health professionals,” says Dr. Vo. “We have a certain schedule. If you’re late you throw everything off.” 

Underpromise and overdeliver 

“If you say you can do something, make sure you can overdeliver. Underpromise and overdeliver,” advisee Dr. Vo. In most healthcare niches, the community is very small and word spreads quickly. “So if you cannot deliver what you say you can, then everyone in that healthcare circle is going to find out and suddenly you’ll be blacklisted and have a reputation s someone who cannot do the job.”

Go old school 

“No one likes spam. And if you reach out and constantly reach out, you’ll look desperate.” Doctors are so used to receiving pitches and calls every day that they start to blend together. Dr. Vo’s advice is to do something thoughtful and different that makes you stand out.  “When someone sends you a letter with nice stationery, it makes you want to open it. You think it’s really important, and you’re curious about what’s inside.” Another reason this is an effective strategy is the law of reciprocity.  “If I give you something nice, it makes you want to do something for me.” Thoughtful gestures are an effective way to build a positive business relationship and will make the other party more inclined to return your call, set up a meeting, or simply remember you.