Written by Katie Thompson

Starting your own business is HARD! It’s also exciting, scary, exhilarating, and really, really fun. There are lessons that you can learn from asking questions and learning from others, and then there are some lessons you will have to learn the hard way. I’m all about sharing my experience and hopefully helping others learn from my own mistakes. In this journey, there will be bumps in the road. However, there are some steps you can take to avoid falling prey to some common blunders. Here are the five mistakes new entrepreneurs make and how to avoid them!

Comparing your journey to others

One of the things that can really hit your self-esteem hard is when you compare where you are to where someone else is. Even if you’re in the same field, even if you serve similar clients and even if you think you’re a lot alike, every journey is different. No one is going to have the same experiences, the same conditions, the same expectations. So that means that comparing your journey to someone else is just going to get you down over something that can’t even be compared.

Taking a business course that you really don’t need

there are thousands of business courses out there that look great and promise instant success. My opinion? There are great courses out there, but a lot of them are really similar to the info you could find for a lot cheaper (or even free). So, if you want to take a business course, I suggest doing a lot of research first. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a course that won’t be helpful in the end.

Thinking you have to be perfect to start

That idea of “it has to be perfect” can be paralyzing. I get it, but honestly, it’s never going to be perfect, so why not just get started? The great thing is that you are going to keep learning and growing as you go along, so your work and your brand is just going to get better! Sure, those first few posts or that first version of your website might be a little embarrassing, but you are way ahead of everyone else who never got started.

Not nailing down your businesses meaning and intentions

So, I know this sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but yes, you should get started, but start first with what you want your business to actually be. Nail down your values, your mission, and your mindset and then move forward from there. Those key elements will guide you through the rest, and you won’t have to go back down the road.

Trying to be the right choice for everyone

So when you’re starting out, you are going to want to be the right choice for everyone. You are going to want every client, and you’ll want everyone to like you and your work. The truth is, you won’t be the right person for everyone to hire, and that’s ok. There are clients out there who will be perfect for you, and you’ll be perfect for them. But it can’t be everyone. So don’t take it personally and just focus on those ideal clients that you know you will love and will love you back.



Katie Thompson