If you’re considering building an app, you need to factor in planning, design and development. There’s also testing and deployment costs. Fortunately, there are plenty of app calculators that can help you assess your app development costs (and take the guesswork out of app build estimates). 

Why Use an App Build Calculator?

Depending on the type of app you’re developing, you might have a large team to work with. There are all kinds of developers and designers you need to employ as well as project managers to ensure smooth workflows. Having an accurate estimate can help you determine how many hours you need to put into developing your application. You’ll find that when you use the leading app build calculators, they’re trustworthy in providing reliable estimates. They will typically ask several questions to get you started. 

Your app build calculators can also help to provide you with a more precise estimate instead of guesswork if you were to try it on your own. You’ll also find that the app calculators provide development time and hourly rates for the various developers that you need to hire. Hence, the more accurate the estimates, the better. And, that’s why these calculator tools are essentially so important.  

Here are some of the leading mobile app tools to consider. 

App Development Cost Calculator

The App Development Cost Calculator takes less than three minutes to get an accurate cost estimate. Simply answer a few questions and then the calculator will provide a detailed cost estimation. This calculator will show both minimum and maximum estimates so you can build a best-case/ worst-case scenario. Even better, the Advanced App Development Cost Calculator includes the option to receive multiple proposals from top development shops who can then bring your app to life. Even if you choose not to use their database of dev resources, you can easily download their document and request proposals on your own.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web apps and Hybrid apps

App Press’s How Much Will My App Cost Calculator

With App Press, you’ll start with 11 questions about your app and the calculator provides a rough idea of the costs. You can view the estimate at the bottom of the screen. It’s a convenient single-page interface with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. A drawback is you can’t customize your answers so it may not provide an exact estimate based on the calculator. But, it’s helpful and fast.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Both.

Buildfire’s Mobile App Calculator

With Buildfire, you can view your estimate at the top of the screen. And, you can reach out to them for exact estimates.

You’ll walk through 14 questions to start building your estimate. Sample questions include how people will log in, data you want to collect on users and if you want to engage through push notifications. A helpful feature is you can hover over each option to view the projected costs. For example, development for Apple iOS might run $9,600 based on 160/hrs at $60 per hour if you’re working with a local developer. 

Platforms: Android, iOS, Both and Progressive Web App (PWA) 

Cleveroad’s Calculator

Cleveroad has a helpful app cost calculator that shows average build costs. You can customize your estimates and it has a wide range of functions. You can find average costs based on existing apps like Uber or Airbnb (helpful). And, you can change the templates based on your specific needs. It also allows for PDFs with detailed summaries and estimates. 

Platforms: iOS, Android, Both.  

Otreva’s Calculator

Otreva has a two-page application estimator with a major application feature and an admin feature. It’s easy to calculate each estimate separately based on the feature and you can review stats on former estimates. 

Platforms: iOS, Android, Both.

VenturePact’s Mobile App Price Calculator

The VenturePact calculator has a large range of functions. It’s helpful because you can review the various price differences for app build costs all over the world. 

Start with the questionnaire. Select the platform, UI (stock, gaming, custom) and the number of screens you want the app to have. Choose security for users and any third-party services you’re integrating with. Your project estimate costs are conveniently listed at the top of the screen. Answer a few other questions and send your contact details so they can give you the pricing estimate breakdown in an email. 

Platforms: iOS, Android, Both, Windows and Hybrid. 

Bottom Line

There are all kinds of calculators and tools available for your mobile app build costs. They vary in price so read the reviews from other app builders. These can help you save a lot of time in a sometimes very confusing and time-consuming process. Don’t forget to work on your promotion and marketing strategies to upsell your new app. The more exposure it gets, the better!