On boarding talent has become highly competitive in every industry. Business owners need to consider what they have to offer prospective employees to encourage them to join their firms. A comprehensive benefits package can be a valuable draw for many candidates, and it helps to communicate how important employee well-being is to a company.

If you are struggling to find the best job candidates, it may be time to consider including some of these benefits in your employee package. While salary and workplace culture are important factors for potential employees, an inclusive benefits package could be a deciding factor.

With private medical insurance costs getting higher each month, many employees struggle to take care of themselves and their families without a workplace benefits package. The health and well-being of your employees should be a priority. Maintaining a healthy and happy staff could help to increase overall job satisfaction and productivity

Employers that take care of their employees have higher rates of retention and success. If you are looking for ways to enhance your employee experience, solidify your company culture and encourage candidates to get onboard, try adding these services to your employee benefits packages.

Emphasize On Work-Life Balance

One of the major expectations of an employee is that he feels valued in the organization. And ultimately, it is the responsibility of the employer to see to it that the employee isn’t overburdened with the workload, but also has time for oneself.

Offering dietician services with your employee benefits package will communicate your support and encouragement to your staff. Working with a dietician can be done on a private individual basis or as a company service. A certified dietician can help you make healthy choices for your staff kitchen, vending, and communal meals shared by all employees.

Employee Assistance Program

If you have an employee that is in pain, they will not be able to perform at their best. Chiropractors like the professionals at Arrowhead Clinic can help your staff members manage several types of pain, whether it’s in their neck, lower back or hips. Many employees need chiropractic care, but are hesitant to seek out treatment since it is rarely covered under general insurance policies. Give your employees the chance to get the care that they need to be at their best by including chiropractic care in your employee benefits package.

Never Underestimate Onboarding

Many a time, it is observed that employee onboarding is taken very lightly by organizations. But it is already high time to understand its significance. If an employee isn’t made felt welcomed on day one, it quite impossible to engage him for the rest of his tenure. Create a proper checklist, introduce him to colleagues, provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the organization, etc. Although they might seem small efforts, the impact can be tremendous. Thus, never overlook even the slightest thing that can be done during onboarding, as it gives you an upper hand in engaging the employee right from day one.

Health Counselling

Over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety and depression, and that is just a small percentage of the ailments qualified under the mental health banner. It’s estimated that more than double that number of people are suffering from mental health issues without the right treatment. Counseling can be expensive and restrictive to many employees. Adding mental health counseling to your employee benefits package can help your staff to get the help they need to deal with their issues.

Stress and anxiety affect millions of employees in the workplace and can directly affect your productivity. Staff members that are feeling overwhelmed are more likely to take more time off, struggle to meet deadlines, and work effectively as a team. Providing mental health care for your staff will help them to feel supported, appreciated, and respected.

Pet Insurance

Most pet owners consider their precious animal to be a member of their family unit. This means that employees will worry and stress about the welfare of their pets. If an employee is concerned about a sick pet that they have at home, they are not likely to be performing well on the job. Companies that show compassion to their animal-owning staff members by including pet insurance in their employee benefits package are communicating that they are compassionate and understanding. 

Pet insurance policies can cover emergency veterinary bills, cover the cost of a pet burial or cremation, along with other pet-related benefits. Some policies will also cover the loss of wages for pet owners that need to take time off of work to deal with their pet emergency. 

Business owners need to focus on making employee satisfaction a priority. Without employees that are content and feel like they are appreciated, most companies would fall apart. With the competition to gain talented and dedicated employees becomes more intense, it’s to a company’s benefit to actively promote an inclusive employee benefits package.