We work in a cycle of hustle and persistence. We ensure that we add value to everyone around us. On this journey, we are bound to face a few obstacles. These challenges decide whether we will move forward or go backward. Sometimes we get stuck in a creative rut and sometimes laziness overshadows us.

Let me show you the five main obstacles and how to escape them:


As Gary Vaynerchuk says,” Business is a marathon, and most of the society thinks it’s a sprint.” We cannot expect overnight success. We have to be patient and wait for the right time to show up. All the successful people whom we follow for inspiration have hustled for a considerable length of time to get to this level. Try not to get tricked by feeling that it was instantaneous. In our journey, we will encounter delays, whether from clients or employees. An ideal approach to managing this issue is to acknowledge the circumstance and remain calm rather than showing desperation and messing it up.

Panic Attack:

Panic is our biggest enemy. We lose our ground and begin to commit one mistake after the other. The ideal approach to managing panic is to stop for some time and focus totally on the solution as opposed to the issue. Recently, I had a similar experience. My baggage was lost at the airport. I found out about it later after reaching my home. For a minute I froze, the next thing I did was to calm myself. I opened the bag, I saw a pen drive to my good fortune, I looked at for insights about the owner and reached him and recovered my bag which had my lappy.

If I would have allowed the state of panic to control me, I wouldn’t have got my lappy bag. So always focus on the solution.


Mistakes are inevitable. We are humans, we are bound to make some or the other mistake.Sometimes few mistakes are negligible and sometimes few cost us in a harsh way. We can’t be 100% mistake proof, but we can avoid it to the most extreme. Checking thoroughly is necessary. I do check out my work before publishing. In order to increase its efficiency, I show it to my business partner who helps me filter it further. So it’s always good to include more people while checking.

Tools are good options too. So always do check while halting the lazy lag.


Disappointments are hard on us. I too get disappointed when things don’t go accordingly to my plan. It kills our spirit and makes us frustrated and angry. I have the one and only solution for this and that’s persistence.Fail 100 times and lift up the 101 time and it covers up all the failure endured. As they say, water can cut rocks with persistence, so keep on trying rather than wasting time on the problem.


Fear is another demon which we have to eradicate. It resides in us from the time we were born until our deaths. Fear of failure has killed many dreams. We cannot kill it but we can always rise above it.By constantly making progress, we can increase our confidence and rise above fear.