Immersive experiences have always been very popular, but in recent years the variety of activities has increased massively. They allow visitors to get involved in situations they might not have a chance to encounter elsewhere, or to enjoy a regular life practice in a very different way.

There are plenty of various immersive adventures available worldwide, but here are the top 5.

1. Surrealist Taxi

Operating in East London, this is precisely what the name suggests – a taxi with a twist. Just call the number, and when the taxi arrives, you’ll be dealt a hand of cards that dictate the direction and length of travel. You can stop at any time, or carry on for as long as you want. There is a lot more to the adventure, but there’s no point in giving it all away!

2. The House of Eternal Return

Based in several locations across the USA, this non-linear art experience redefines immersive storytelling, inviting visitors to chart their own course through the unique gallery. There are plenty of things to discover, and much of it is interactive, and it truly sets the bar for interactive art encounters. The exhibit moves about regularly, but the company posts regular updates of their movements long before tickets go on sale.

3. 29Rooms

This installation claims to spark imagination, start conversations, and provide visitors with a unique experience. Each room is curated by a different designer or artist so you can be sure that you’ll get vastly different encounters in each. The installation is pop-up and moves around the world. Check their website for their 2019 schedule.

4. Color Factory

Color Factory is another experience that requires little explanation. Each room is dedicated to a different color, and so investigates the association of color with mood and environment. The rooms change frequently, and each is designed by a new artist, so even if you’ve been once it’ll be worth going again and again. They move the exhibition round throughout the year, so keep up to date with their schedule on the website.

5. Covert Venture

CVJTF Group in New York has recently started a new kind of immersive experiences based on military field simulations, named Covert Venture. These guys have various immersive programs, each one is guided by former members of Special Forces and is all unique. There are different simulations available, from saving the president at the Air Force One crash site to undercover operations in Kremlin, including training at the International Space Station submerged in the pool of the Star City next to Moscow. Phase one simulations take anywhere between two and ten days, and phase two can last up to 20 days. These operation simulations are designed for the groups of one to twenty participants and carried out under the expert eye of Special Forces operators of SAS, MOSSAD, CIA, and GRU.

The Future of Entertainment

Immersive adventures are definitely is the future of interactive entertainment. Regardless of whether you are looking for a simple and enjoyable art event full of color and sound, or a week in Guyana as part of an integrated group of SAS Commandoes and GRU Spetsnaz, there’s never been a better time to get involved and change your outlook on life. The best part about these activities is that they cater to all tastes and skills, so you can choose to be relaxed and inspired, or get down and dirty as an elite military intelligence unit member!