Habits are subtle repeated activities that set us for failure or success. Even though they are single, small activities, the effect of these habits compound to shape our lives.

Getting a handle on your habits and building the right ones early on affects your productivity and wellbeing. Your habits determine whether you’ll achieve your personal, business, or work-related goals.

So, what are the habits that can shape a person for success?

Here are some great habits anyone can develop to shape a better life.


Reading is a habit that many leading personalities in business, technology, and media share. Bill gates is said to read 50 books a year. The practice of reading helps expand your mind as you learn new things.

There are different types of books available on any subject. Whatever problem you want to fix, there’s probably a book for it.

If you don’t have time to sit down with a book, consider audiobooks. There are even 15-minute summaries available. If portability is an issue, try e-readers that are easy to carry around. Reading every day or every week is one of the most powerful habits you can establish.


Learning to plan and organize your life early on is a valuable skill. It’s as simple as filling in a weekly planner and tracking your activities for the future.

When you are more organized, you’ll complete tasks on time. You’ll also stay on top of finances by charting out payments and bills such as credit card payments. Being organized can include budgeting, keeping your possessions in order, or just planning groceries for the week.

The benefits of organization applies to managing businesses too. Create a business or a blogging strategy to produce content and promote it. You’ll be able to support your customers and manage your business with less pressure.

Good Sleep

You can’t function well without regular good sleep. Create good habits for yourself by cutting off all electronics for at least an hour before bedtime.

Stop checking emails and going through social media at a fixed time. Instead, use the time to meditate, to talk to family, or to read a paper book.

Make sure you sleep on time so that you wake up feeling rested and energized to carry out your tasks for the day.

Exercise and balanced eating habits

A crucial long-term habit everyone should work on is keeping their body healthy.

Your productivity, your mood, and your emotional wellbeing are easily affected by the state of your body.

Maintain an exercise routine, however mild, and follow a varied and nutritious food plan. There are many options out there, ranging from Yoga to lifting weights. A bit of research, trial and error, but above all, consistency, can keep you happy and healthy long-term.

Skill development and learning

You’re not necessarily done with learning once you’re out of school or college. Building your skills, whether they are social, technical, or life skills is an ongoing process.

Joining courses on educational sites gives you the flexibility to learn on your own time. Some good ideas for membership sites you can join are Udemy and Coursera. There are many other sites around where you can develop new skills.

You can pick up negotiation skills, or how to reduce clutter in your life. Learn how to start a blog or ways to socialize at work events. The possibilities are unending.

Success is built on habits

There are many habits that can help you have a happier and more fulfilling life. Try developing the habits mentioned above as a foundation to grow.

Even though good habits are hard to form, once they are in place, you rarely need to think about them. Good habits will guide you to a more productive and fulfilling life on automatic.